Photos of an Iguana Bigger than a Motorcycle Frightened the Locals in New Taipei Until It was Captured and Its Real Size Was Revealed

“I don’t understand! How did it become so big?” This was the question the locals in Yonghe District, New Taipei City, asked when they came across some photos of a giant iguana that was found in the area. Some people admit to seeing the lizard, and one citizen captured some photos that were later shared on a Facebook group. However, netizens were shocked to see the lizard in the photos, since it was higher than the fence and bigger than the motorcycles parked in the area. People were stunned and exclaimed: “That’s a dinosaur!”

A member of the Facebook group I am from Yonghe claimed that he saw a “green-maned lizard” wandering at the gate along Baosheng Road, Yonghe District, New Taipei City, and warned the locals to be more careful when they encounter the creature in the area. When you see the photos shared online for the first time, you will assume that the lizard is taller than the fence and bigger than the motorcycles parked outside. It looks terrifying!

Members of the group reposted the photos to other social media platforms, and netizens were amazed:

“Oh, my God! Why is it so big?”

“Is this real or a model toy?”

“Did it run out of the Jurassic Dinosaur Park? It’s so big!”

“It feels like… ‘When Dinosaurs Conquered the Earth’!”

However, some sharp-eyed netizens were quick to see the illusion and pointed out:

“Do not let looks deceive you. Look closer!”

“This is the difference between far and near! It looks like the green-maned iguana is on the windowsill, and the background is far.”

“How did you get this size in the photo?”

“With the right angle, the lizard would look higher than the fence. It would look like a dinosaur-sized green iguana.”

New Taipei City Councilor Jin Ruilong stated in an article that the green-maned lizard had been captured and sent to the Zhonghe Animal Shelter. A photo of the lizard inside a cage has been shared on the internet, and netizens agreed that the iguana is huge since it was the same size as its crate. However, the actual size of the lizard was not “higher than the fence” or “bigger than a motorcycle” as per its original description. The green-maned iguana was standing on the windowsill, which was near the camera, while the background was far away, making the appearance of the lizard look gigantic.

The green-maned iguana is considered an “invasive species”, and people who want to raise them as pets are requested to register them in advance. Otherwise, they will be fined $695.00 to $1,390 per the “Wildlife Conservation Law”. Some people who are not fond of the bigger lizard species from the wild are worried:

“It has already entered the urban area! Oh, geez!”

“It feels a bit scary! I am worried about them breeding. I hope there is only one.”

“The green iguana has a strong reproductive ability and has caused ecological problems in central and southern China. Yes, I remember seeing hunters on the Internet who are specifically hunting this species.”

Here is the REAL size of the Green-Maned Iguana that escaped and was re-captured: 😆

Photos can be deceiving. Don’t let them fool you. Look closer!

Images credits: © 17Travel

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