A Beagle Quietly Sits at a Wedding Guest Table, Waiting to be Given Food while His Master is in the Restroom

For once in their lives or otherwise, a person attends a grand event such as a wedding ceremony or other big occasions. May it be for a family member or a close friend. In these events, they get to celebrate one of the happiest days with their loved ones. A wedding day is one of the grandest events celebrated throughout history wherein a reception follows after the traditional ceremony. However, have you experienced attending a wedding reception wherein the guest sitting beside you at the table was not a person but a dog?

In Shanghai, on the 10th of January, a man attended his friend’s wedding. At the reception, while all the guests were having their meals, he noticed that one of the guests in front of him was a beagle dog. He was sitting on a chair opposite him. Everyone was busy having their fill and chatting with other guests, but the dog was staring blankly at the food on the table. The dog was hungry and wanted to eat but couldn’t since no one attempted to serve the poor pooch.

The owner was sitting there minutes before. However, he had to go to the restroom and let the dog sit in his place. He was afraid the dog would run around the area, so he allowed his dog to sit on his chair.

The poor fur baby was helpless and was feeling awkward since he noticed that nobody had given him some food to eat. The guest also noticed that the dog found it difficult to stay on the seat. No one gave him food, so he only sat there observing other people enjoy their meals.

Dog owners should consider their fur baby’s feelings, too. Although some celebrants allow guests to bring their fur babies, the pet owners should have prepared their food before coming to the event. Surely, they are aware that only human guests are given meals at the wedding reception. Even if the guests would enjoy having a fur baby at a grand event, consider how the pets would enjoy the day, too. Tend to them at events such as these. They need your attention, as well.


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