A Tiny Dog Covered in Matted Fur was Unrecognizable After a Groomer Removed Almost 2 Pounds of His Hair

One sunny day, a pup was wandering the streets near his home in Southern California. As the day progressed, the heat of the sun intensified, which scorched the sidewalk under his paws.... Read more »

Bees Making Blue Honey After Feasting on M&M’s from a Nearby Factory Overwhelms French Beekeepers

Parts of northern France, where several bee colonies are situated, have been shrouded with mystery when the insects have been producing honey in various colors for months. Overwhelmed beekeepers were left in... Read more »

A Pig that Loves to Wander Around the Neighborhood Gets Arrested and Feels Proud for His Adventure

Meet Elvis Pigsley. When everybody else avoids getting arrested and sitting at the back of a patrol car, he is pleased with himself for doing so. When everybody else is aware that... Read more »

A Crate with the Most Heartfelt Handwritten Letter Was Found at the Doorstep of an Animal Shelter

When the staff of Fayetteville Animal Protection Society in North Carolina arrived at the shelter, they found a crate placed outside the front door. It was covered with a blue striped blanket.... Read more »

A Beagle Quietly Sits at a Wedding Guest Table, Waiting to be Given Food while His Master is in the Restroom

For once in their lives or otherwise, a person attends a grand event such as a wedding ceremony or other big occasions. May it be for a family member or a close... Read more »

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