A Black Dog Wins the Affections of a State Trooper Even Before Arriving at the Police Station

A lovable black dog needed help, and Kayla Moore, a Michigan State Police trooper, was quick to respond to the call at the station. She learned that the dog was abandoned, and Kayla planned to take the pup back with her to Antrim County Animal Control and help her find a loving home. However, her plan took a sudden turn when the dog hopped into her police car.

Initially, the dog was seated at the back of Trooper Moore’s car. When they arrived at the shelter, the adorable dog was now seated upfront and slowly making her way to Kayla’s heart.

“While she was taking the dog to the shelter, something special happened,” Michigan State Police (MSP) wrote on Twitter. “They formed a bond.”

Kayla brought the dog to the shelter as planned. However, when they entered the door, she decided to change Rosie’s future.

“Trooper Moore and the dog seemed to be a perfect match,” MSP wrote in a tweet. “When they arrived at the Antrim County Animal Shelter, Tpr. Moore filled out an application to adopt Rosie to give her a forever home.”

Earlier that day, Rosie woke up in the streets alone. However, the day took a sudden turn and changed Rosie’s life completely. Within a few hours, she was in a cozy home filled with love from Kayla. ❤️

Fortunately, Rosie’s good fortune came quickly. However, there are many others at the Antrim County Animal Control waiting to be adopted and placed into loving homes. Additionally, most of them are related to Rosie.

“Rosie was part of a litter the MSP Canine Teams have been searching for,” MSP wrote on Twitter. “Numerous dogs are up for adoption.”

At the Antrim County Animal Control, there are many other adorable dogs the MSP hoped would be adopted soon. Just like Rosie, the other furry residents will be in loving homes too.

Until then, the staff at the shelter will continue showering the cats and dogs with love and affection, and the story of Rosie, who stole the heart of her rescuer, will always be in their memories forever. ❤️

Cover photo credits: © The Dodo

Twitter posts credits: © MSP Seventh District @mspnorthernmi

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