(Video) A Woman is Surprised to See Her Husband in the Background of a Photo During the Time They Have Not Met

Internet celebrity Jenn Chia from Malaysia shared a video on her social media pages. Surprisingly, her husband was in the background of one of her photos she had taken 12 years ago in a movie theater. At the time, they have not met yet.

The first photo she showed on the video was taken on October 10, 2012, while she was dining in a restaurant. To her surprise, her husband, whom she had not met at the time, was in the background, not too far from her. He seemed to be waiting for someone to arrive.

“I’m still shaking just looking at this. We were in the same place and didn’t know each other existed.”

Jenn revealed in the video that she and her husband began dating in 2014, 2 years after the photo was taken. 9 years later, in 2023, they finally tied the knot.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, Jenn recalled that she and her husband met at the right time. Being single, she spent a year traveling, soul-searching, and self-reflecting. During her adventures, she met her husband, Jon Liddell.

“The right person will always find you at the right time,” Jenn said. “If it were before, I don’t think this relationship would last long. I was a narcissistic monster, ignorant and naive.”

Jenn’s husband commented on her post: “I’m glad you didn’t meet me in the first photo. We were destined to embark on our own journeys. A few years later, we met at the perfect time.”

Jenn’s video garnered 10.5 million views on Instagram, and many people felt happy for the couple. Her page @soimjenn has 582,000 followers. Some claimed that the “invisible red thread of destiny” does exist.

In addition to being a social media celebrity, Jenn Chia is also an advertising star and MV director.

Jenn and Jon tied the knot in August 2023. She shared a series of wedding photos and videos on her Instagram page and announced that she has officially married her boyfriend of 7 years. Jenn’s many fans love the newlyweds, and most admit bursting into tears with happiness for the couple.


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Congratulations and Best Wishes to Jenn and Jon! ❤️

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