A Pig that Loves to Wander Around the Neighborhood Gets Arrested and Feels Proud for His Adventure

Meet Elvis Pigsley. When everybody else avoids getting arrested and sitting at the back of a patrol car, he is pleased with himself for doing so. When everybody else is aware that getting arrested causes embarrassment to oneself, this one assumes it is part of his adventures.

Well, it is not every day when the police come to get you while wandering around the neighborhood.

Elvis Piglsey lives with his human mother, Angela Mullen-Herrera, in Alaska. Even though Elvis lives in a happy home where he feels cozy and gets a lot of love from his people, he loves to wander around the neighborhood, making new friends and memories he cherishes.

“He’s gone on all sorts of adventures,” Angela said. “He’s a big escape artist. I’ve had to lure him back with apple slices before on multiple occasions.”

On his most recent adventure, when Elvis headed out for another day in the neighborhood, he knew it would take more than fruity treats to lure him back home.

On a day with a light snowstorm, Elvis managed to escape from the gate at home, which gave him access to another adventure around the area. It seems that Elvis is prepared for another endeavor. What was in sore for him that day? Only he could guess.

While Elvis Pigsley was happily strolling around the neighborhood, the adventurous pig caught the attention of a concerned citizen, who then called the cops. When the police arrived at the scene, Elvis Pigsley was arrested.

Getting arrested was the least of Elvis Piglsey’s worries! He felt so pleased with the outcome of his latest adventure and had never felt so much excitement! Looking out the window from the back of the police car, Elvis had a smile on his face and seemed very pleased with his “unusual” achievement.

“He looks very impressed with himself,” Angela said. “I’m sure he loved the experience.”

Fortunately, everyone in the neighborhood knew Elvis and his escapades, and it did not take long for the police officers to find his family. Angela’s husband was at home to meet them. Thankfully, Elvis was exonerated with only a warning.

“He told me it went well and that the police were very nice and understanding,” Angela said.

Noting Elvis’ escapades, pigs are a highly intellectual and analytical species. Keeping them as pets can be very challenging and is not as easy to raise and train as people assume. Fortunately, Angela and her family are being assisted by the Alaska Potbelly Pig Rescue on how to take the best care of Elvis.

“They’ve been such a huge help for the pig community here in Alaska as well as a great resource for information,” she said.

Next time the adventurous pig goes on an escapade again, they will be aware of when “Elvis has left the building”. 😆

Images credits: © Angela Mullen-Herrera and Anchorage Police Department for The Dodo

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