A Black Bear Attacks a Hotel Resort Security Guard Patrolling in the Kitchen

Have you tried to walk on the streets alone and get scared stiff by strangers around the corner? Your heart would skip a beat when you get surprised by passersby on the streets, especially pranksters who enjoy frightening strangers. However, an incident involving a black bear and a security guard in a hotel is no prank!

In October of 2023, a security guard at the St. Regis Aspen Resort in Colorado, USA, was alerted by the hotel staff that there was a black bear loose inside the establishment. Taking a walkie-talkie with him to update reports, he roams around the hotel to locate the bear. Unexpectedly, when he checked the hotel kitchen, he encountered the bear in one of the corner areas!

Naturally, the black bear and the security guard frightened each other while encountering one another in a corner. Instinctively, the black bear whacked the security guard, who instantly fell. However, the bear no longer attacked. It turned around and left the kitchen. Fortunately, the security guard was not injured but was sent to the hospital for a thorough check-up. He was discharged later in the day.

ABC7 Eyewitness News reported that the black bear was lured to a tree and was soon captured by the staff of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Unfortunately, the black bear was soon euthanized by CPW policy. 😢

▼ Here is the video captured on the hotel’s kitchen CCTV during the chance encounter between the security guard and the black bear:

Screenshot images and Video credits: © ABC7 Eyewitness News @ABC7/Twitter

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