Here is a Photo Collection of Corgis who Disapprove of Being Captured on Camera

Different strokes for different folks. There are millions of dog lovers all over the world, and each person has a breed preference. However, the Corgi has been a favorite of many dog owners due to its adorable appearance, playfulness, and funny antics. When they are captured in photos and shared on social media, they never cease to amuse their owners and netizens around the globe. When you want to have a good laugh, take a look at Corgi photos online. They will surely make your day!

A group of Corgi owners started a community page called Disapproving Corgis on Facebook in 2013. Members in the online community would share stories of their Corgis, especially with photos that are hilarious and amusing. From side-staring, playing dress-up, food disapproval, and vet visitations, the Corgis did not hesitate to show their discontent while being photographed. Their facial expressions were spot on!

Although Corgis prefer to be left alone to do their own activities, some owners like to bring them along for the ride and enjoy a day of fun. Additionally, Corgi is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dog breed, and she raised many of them. Among all the types of dogs, the Corgi is the most expressive, may it be on camera or in reality.

Here are some hilarious photos Corgi owners shared online and made into memes:

“Mom! Did I approve of being photographed?”
“Here we go again! Did I allow you to carry me like this?”
“If you don’t take photos of people who look thinner, I won’t allow you to upload the photos! Humph!”
“Even if you put on a cute little yellow raincoat on me, you still won’t win my approval!”
“You want to see me with just an illustration on a mug?”
“Give me the jar in your hand! 😑
“Whoever dares to drive past me will be dealt with!”



“What? You already took the photo?? I haven’t posed yet! 😨
“Why are you taking pictures? Have you never seen such a handsome Corgi covered in snow?”
“If you come one step closer, I’m going to scream!!”
“I hate you for bringing me here.”
“Why do I only have these little pieces of pancakes? Hand over the pizza in your hand!”

Even with their hilarious antics of disapproval captured in photographs, most dog owners still prefer to raise Corgis due to their adorable character, playful nature, and loyalty. They are easy to raise, too.

Image credits: © Disapproving Corgis/Facebook Group

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