The Perm Curry hair… were actually “used as a bird’s nest”! He can’t drive away even though his hair is being pecked”. Net laughs: Seagull’s Moving Castle

A true “bird’s nest head”! A Chinese man was feeding local seagulls while visiting a scenic spot. Unexpectedly, while he was feeding, the seagulls actually used his permed head as a bird’s nest! Not only did she peck his head wildly, but she also tried to pull out his hair, which made him shocked and dumbfounded. He had no idea that he not only provided food but also provided accommodation.

According to comprehensive media reports, this man surnamed Ma in Kunming, Yunnan, had a short curly hair perm. One day he went to the lakeside to feed the seagulls. Later, he saw the seagulls parked on the railing nearby, so he went over and thought about it. He took a selfie with a seagull. Unexpectedly, the seagull flew to his head and pecked him wildly. It poked his curly head and pulled his hair, making him dumbfounded, angry and funny.

Mr. Ma said that he had had this afro hairstyle for several months, but unexpectedly, seagulls used it as a bird’s nest. Not only did they peck at him, but they also stayed on his head and refused to leave. Mr. Ma saw the seagulls treating his “bird’s nest” I couldn’t put it down, so I had no choice but to carry the seagulls around for the time being, and even went to the lake. However, the seagulls showed no intention of flying away all the way. In the end, they seemed to be tired from playing. After leaving w, he also emphasized that he washes his hair every day, so there should be no odor that attracts seagulls.

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