A Man Holding His Dog by Its Tail Causes Laughter Among Netizens who Realize There was No Leash at All


It is natural for people to walk their dogs in public areas and hold them close using a leash so they will not wander off. However, 2 photos that have gone viral online show a man walking his dog with an unusual “leash”… its tail. Initially, when you look at the first photo, it seems like a normal dog owner walking his furbaby who is about to cross the street. However, in the second photo, which has been zoomed in, netizens realized that the man was actually holding the dog’s tail. Surprisingly, the dog was not bothered by this and continued to walk.

A blogger posted 2 photos of a man walking his dog on Weibo. The photos show that they were about to cross a busy street. Initially, it looked as though the man was holding a long leash that seemed to be tied together. However, if you zoom in and look closer, the leash seems to be in the wrong place, and the rope is much thicker than usual. The man is not holding a leash from the dog’s neck but holding on to its tail! Netizens soon realized that the dog had no leash at all.

▼ Netizens on Weibo left hilarious comments about the 2 photos:

“Looks quite reasonable…”

“The dog has such a good temper.”

“If it were my dog, it would be angry.”

“The way the dog walks looks so weird.”

“It’s useful for obedient dogs.”

“Its tail can also be used in this way.”

However, some dog owners reacted in a different way than hilarity. According to some of them, a dog’s tail has various purposes. Their tails are used for balance, fending off insects, and increasing or minimizing scent. Just as a human uses body language to express their emotions, so do dogs. A simple wag of their tail can send off a message to another dog or human. Additionally, pulling a dog’s tail may change its direction during its activities.

Images credits: © WEIBO


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