96yo Grandfather Feels “Young” Again When His Granddaughter Gave Him a Puppy to be His Daily Companion


96-year-old Luis, grandfather to Javiera Paz, is still healthy and active. However, he prefers to stay home, living a relaxing and quiet life rather than trying new experiences.

All that changed when a bubbly little fellow arrived in his life.

Javiera knew her grandfather had been fond of pets since he was younger, so she asked him if he planned to adopt a dog. Luis claimed he never considered adopting a pet since his wife always discouraged him, and other family members followed suit. He never had the chance to have a pet for quite some time since his family said it might be too much for him to handle, even just a single one.

“He was enthusiastic, but others were not,” Javiera said. “He always liked dogs, but it had been many years since he had a pet. So, I decided to bring him a dog.”

The dog’s name is Capito. Surprisingly, Luis’s family was smitten by the puppy, and their objections were held back.

“Everyone was surprised, but they accepted Capito immediately,” Javiera said. “He has adapted very well.”

Since then, Luis spent every day and night with Capito, who made the elderly man feel young again. Luis was very happy, and so was Capito, who enjoyed every moment with the senior citizen.

“My grandfather is happy and much more active. He has implemented a routine with Capito,” Javiera said. “Before, he would simply watch television. Now, he gets up early to go outside with Capito, and the dog accompanies him while he works in the garden. Capito steals his shoes and asks for pets. They go for walks on the beach — all sorts of activities my grandfather used to refuse to do.”

Watch the video Javiera made, showing Capito and her grandfather’s first days together:


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Luis and his new pet, Capito, are adorable together and are a match made in Heaven.

Months have passed since Javiera brought Capito home to her grandfather. The bond between Luis and Capito has strengthened each day. Grandpa Luis has found a best friend who helped him experience life and happiness again.

Thanks to the adorable pup, Luis is living a livelier life and has ample time to rest with him.


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Adopting an animal is a choice that should be taken seriously. Senior citizens who own a pet should also have support from family members and friends. However, Javiera Paz has witnessed how a pup like Capito can provide benefits, especially for Luis. She said, “Seeing Capito’s relationship with my grandfather and what he’s brought to my grandparents’ lives reaffirms to me that I made a good decision.”

Screenshot images and Videos credits: © Javiera Paz @rulitos_javi/TikTok


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