A Woman who Initially Wanted to Adopt 1 Dog Ended Up Having 3 Dogs that were About to be Euthanized


Life’s challenges are difficult to face. However, we need to keep going to make the probability possible. Planning your daily activities is good, but sometimes taking a risk and acting on impulse, if you know the outcome will be great, is better.

A woman from Virginia loves to adopt dogs who live in the shelter. She pays more attention to the ones who were abandoned and seem to have no one to adopt them and brings these poor dogs to her home.

A dog-lover named Shelly Blount-Price has 3 rescue dogs in her home. She decided to adopt 1 more since she came across a post online about a dog that needed a family to adopt and provide him a forever home. Shelly immediately called the shelter and arranged to meet the dog for adoption.

Shelly had the purest intentions and kindness in her heart. Initially, she wanted to adopt the dog online and drive to the shelter to bring her home. She wanted to provide the dog with another chance at life.

However, a sudden turn of events took place when she arrived at the shelter. She ended up adopting 3 dogs rather than only 1, which was her original plan. At the end of the day, Shelly took home Bella, Caleb, and Charisma.

The first dog that Shelly wanted to adopt since it was scheduled to be euthanized has been taken. The pup was rescued by someone who arrived before Shelly did. Although her initial plan to adopt the dog she saw on a post online was unsuccessful, something intervened while she was having a conversation with a staff member from the shelter. Eventually, this led her to adopt more pups than she planned.

Shelly was already in touch with the shelter days before she drove to their place. Once she arrived, she asked about the other dogs that were available for adoption. That was when she discovered that Caleb was next in line to be euthanized, and it pulled on her heartstrings, learning that his life was in danger.

She suddenly felt concerned for the poor dog, so she asked about his story and his current situation. Being a dog-lover, Shelly provides them with a second chance at life.

Shelly drove 4 hours before she reached their vicinity. She wanted to see Caleb before arranging the process of adoption. She finally saw Caleb upon arriving at the shelter and knew in her heart that she wanted to save him. However, before she could start the adoption process, something better happened.

Shelly learned that there were 2 more dogs in line to be euthanized along with Caleb. She saw Bella and Charisma and felt very sad for them.

Shelly did not hesitate and immediately asked the shelter staff if there was a limit on the number of dogs she could adopt while she was already in their vicinity. Since she learned that there was no limit, she instantly decided to adopt all 3 dogs at that moment.

The woman’s instant decision to adopt all 3 dogs was well worth it when she found out they were very happy to have a new home.

“Caleb was sooo excited — kept giving kisses from the back seat, and his tail was wagging so fast,” Shelly said. “Bella was so content being held, so she sat in my friend’s lap and literally didn’t move. Charisma, my sweet little angel, was literally hugging me and slept the entire ride.”

Although she was successful in adopting the 3 dogs, Shelly could not keep them all at her home, so she looked for other dog lovers who were deciding to adopt rescue dogs. Fortunately, she found the families in a short amount of time, and finally, Bella and Caleb found their forever homes.

Soon after, Shelly discovered why Charisma was always sleepy. She was pregnant, and they only found out about her situation during a visit to the vet. It turned out that Shelly had more puppies than expected, and she was delighted about the news. What an inspiring story!

Hopefully, there are other people out there who are like Shelly, who will save and provide homes to animals who need them the most.

Images credits: © Shelly Blount Price/Facebook


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