A Dog Imitates an Actor Playing an Injured Cyclist During Routine Training for First Responders


Fire brigade and medical students gathered in a square in Puerto Montt, Chile, for routine training on first aid. They staged a scene wherein a collision between a car and a cyclist takes place. The female rider falls injured on the ground, waiting for first responders to arrive.

The training went smoothly when suddenly, a dog arrived and imitated the actor lying on the ground. With all four paws in the air, the dog laid down flat on its back, playing dead.

No matter how people approached the acting dog, he would only lay still and unresponsive. People at the scene were amazed by the dog, and some of them took photos and captured him on video. Although the dog continued “playing dead”, some of the passersby who were familiar to him stepped forward and greeted him with pets.

The dog’s name was “Gigante,” a stray dog who wanders around the area and is loved by many people.

While the training was going on and the first responder trainees were treating the “injured victim”, they did not neglect to attend to Gigante and showered him with belly rubs and greetings as though he was also part of the simulation. The dog returned their pets with a smile.

Gigante’s acting paid off. Locals familiar with him claim that it was not surprising he joined in with the scripted accident scene. He would lay very still while the training was ongoing. When the drill was completed, Gigante got up and approached the first responders.

When the photos from the training scene were shared online, some locals recognized the bubbly dog.

“He’s a puppy in the body of a big dog,” Jaramillo Pame, an animal advocate, said. “Every time there’s an event in the plaza, he is participating. He loves being at the center of attention. He does not lack in love or company. Everyone knows him and gives him affection and food. And he makes us laugh with his antics.”

Although Gigante does not have a family, the canine wanderer is cherished by everyone in the community and is loved by all. He is a lovable dog that has the acting skills to win an award! An “Oscar”, perhaps?

Images credits: © The Dodo


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