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Meet “Kabosu”… The Shiba Inu Behind the Viral Meme Photos that Sparked a Photoshop Battle Online


Most people who have been surfing the internet for some time, must have known about the famous “meme dog” that went viral online in 2013.

In the original photo, a Shiba Inu is lying on the sofa with her paws crossed and her head profiled to one side. Most netizens found her charming, though her expression seemed to be mocking the viewers. Once the photo was released online, some netizens claimed that the dog’s pose was a look of arrogance. It became viral in 2013, and in a short time, people online started a Photoshop battle.

The memes that were shared online showed a cropped head of the dog and attached to a famous background, and words would be added surrounding the dog’s head. Another meme that went viral was the baby’s face on a sunshine in the children’s show Teletubbies was replaced with the Shiba Inu’s head. Other memes released were an album cover from the band Nirvana, a denim jeans commercial, and a photo of being hugged by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. A photo was also made into a collage with almost a hundred cropped pictures of the dog’s head, which was later made into a jigsaw puzzle containing hundreds of pieces. 😆

Although celebrities are more famous for memes, the Shiba Inu is still the favorite of most netizens around the world. New memes of his photo are still coming in and circulating the internet. As the years passed, netizens called her “Doge”. However, her owner finally revealed her name, Kabosu.

Kabosu’s owner is a kindergarten teacher who often shares the life of his Shiba Inu and 2 cats on Instagram. The latest photo of Kabosu that was shared online is a comparison photo from 2013 and 2023. It has gathered much attention from her fans around the world. They claimed that Kabosu has changed so much in 10 years. She is almost unrecognizable today.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.

The photo on the left was when Kabosu was still young and the photo that started the meme battle online. The one on the right is her latest photo in 2023. Kabosu is 17 years old, which is almost 84 years old when converted to human years. She has become a senior dog, and her eyesight is no longer as clear as when she was young.

Credits to: LOOKER Pets

Looking back to when Kabosu’s meme was still going viral on the internet, some netizens had other ideas about the meme photos of the famous Shiba Inu. A jigsaw puzzle containing hundreds of pieces has become one of the favorite pastimes of some people. If all the pieces were finally put together, the puzzle would show hundreds of Kabosu’s headshots made into a collage. Most netizens thought that it would be the perfect gift for friends who are fans of the famous Shiba Inu.

Kabosu still lives with her master, but her facial expression has changed into a calmer look, which is very different from the mock arrogance expression she had back then in her photo.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.

In her earlier years, Kabosu was originally abandoned at a shelter by her former owner and was almost facing euthanasia. Fortunately, she was adopted by her current owner and lived a happy and stable life since. Her success came by accident when her photo was shared online, and netizens transformed the photo into several memes.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Although the “meme famous” Shiba Inu is past her prime and has reached a senior age, nobody will forget the famous Kabosu, whose picture started a Photoshop battle online in 2013. May she live a long life and have many more years to celebrate.

Images credits: © かぼすママ (Kabosu Mama) @kabosumama/Instagram



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