A Dog Accidentally Bites on a Blue Smoke Bomb that Turned Her into an Avatar Pup


Does the Na’vi have a pet dog? Footage went viral of a Siberian Husky whose white fur turned blue. Its black fur stayed the same while its entire white fur became blue, making it seem to be a character from the movie, “Avatar”. Netizens assumed the dog had been abused by the owners. However, its master stepped forward and clarified that the dog caused the trouble on himself and was not abused by anyone.

After the video was shared on the internet, some malicious-minded netizens assumed the owner intentionally dyed the dog blue for hilarity. However, one of the owners was quick to explain that the Husky bit into a can of blue smog that exploded and caused the entire floor to be dyed blue, including the dog. No cruelty to the pooch has transpired.

After the incident, the owner rushed the “Avatar dog” to the veterinary clinic. Fortunately, its health was fine, and no toxic contents were ingested. All they needed to do was give it a thorough bath, which ended in an extremely tragic Na’vi farce.

In the end, the owners advised pet parents to keep dyes and other poisonous stuff out of reach from their furry children and prevent them from coming into contact with harmful chemicals that can be easily ingested. Always be safe at home and elsewhere. Keep good health in check!

Screenshot images and video credits: © ViralHog/Youtube


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