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(Video) An Unique Passenger Adult Bald Eagle Spotted in an Airport in the United States


The “American Bald Eagle” is the national bird of the United States. Its wingspan can reach up to 2 meters in length when it becomes an adult. Their huge size, sharp eyes, and classic white hair are their best-known physical attributes. It would be a great opportunity for anyone to see an eagle statue in museums. However, passengers in an airport were in awe of a live adult bald eagle waiting in line to be transported.

In August, citizens at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, USA, stopped to marvel at a bald eagle waiting in line with its falconer for a security check. Although it seemed terrifying due to its size, huge eyes, and sharp claw, everyone noticed that it was well-behaved, to their amazement.

The eagle’s name is Clark. He is 19 years old and comes from the World Bird Sanctuary in Surrey. At the time, Clark was a part of the endangered bald eagle breeding project. However, due to deformed scales during hatching, his siblings were released into the wild, and only Clark remained in the shelter as the “flying ambassador”. He participated in major events throughout the United States.

Although the bald eagle had strong wings, it was impossible to let them fly on their own and unaccompanied by their trainers. The American Transportation Safety Management Association tweeted on social media that Clark’s wings were to rest and was allowed to travel by a commercial flight. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a live bald eagle struck many passengers. Even the transportation security personnel took the chance to take a snapshot of the bird of prey on their cameras.

Lucky is the person sitting right next to this rare winged passenger. The whole flight will not be boring at all. “I can spend an entire afternoon just staring at it,” said one passenger at the airport.

At the time, Clark flew with Southwest Airlines. The airline company also cooperates with several well-known animal organizations. They allow various types of animal species to fly in the cabin, as long as they are legal and not dangerous. They are to be screened through applications. If you have the opportunity to ride in this airline, keep your eyes peeled for the heroic appearance of the bald eagle!

Take a look at Clark’s heroic performance in 2018. Isn’t he the most beautiful sight you have seen?

Twitter credits: © TSA Southeast @TSA_Southeast and Elijah Burke @ElijahWhosoever

YouTube credits: © Cotton Bowl Classic



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