A Dog Intentionally set on Fιre Still Trusts the People Who Saved Him


In 2021, some people discovered a severely burned Labrador Retriever mix with an extension cord coiled around his neck. The dog’s name was Buddy, a stray that lives in Mississippi, USA. By the time he was found, his face was still caught on fire. Investigation revealed that a 12-year-old primary school student was the culprit. When the incident was exposed, it caused public outrage and fury. Fortunately, the dog was rescued and sent to a veterinary school, where the staff took good care of Buddy.

Buddy’s beautiful appearance before the incident.

The poor stray dog was in a state of shock when he was rescued. Although Buddy survived the ordeal and was immediately rushed to a veterinary clinic, he suffered severe burns and scalds, mostly on his face. Despite the cruel act that he has undergone, Buddy is still very friendly to the staff and is still willing to trust them. He bravely endured days of severe pain and arduous treatment, which made everyone feel distressed for him and reluctant to let him go.

A woman from Georgia, Sheri Webb, set up a petition campaign that garnered more than 100,000 signatures. However, the arson suspect was only 12 years old and did not reach the legal age limit for sentencing. He did not need to bear any legal responsibility for the incident. This aroused rage among many citizens who hoped to seek justice for Buddy. Everyone believed that the boy responsible for the cruel act and his companions who were present at the scene should be punished.

“There must be consequences for anyone who does this to a helpless animal,” Sheri Webb wrote on the petition. “The child needs time in a detention center and long-term psychological help, and the parents should pay reparations for the intensive medical care to rehabilitate this poor animal.” Sheri hopes for the speedy recovery of Buddy. She also pleads to citizens, regardless of gender and age, to love and care for animals.

“Even if you don’t love them, don’t hurt them,” Sheri added.

Buddy has undergone several skin grafting operations at the Mississippi State University Animal Hospital. His vision was saved. However, his eyelids and tear ducts were affected by the fire and will have to rely on artificial tears for the rest of his life. Buddy’s operation was a success, and his condition post-surgery was good, which made his veterinarian happy. Once he has recovered, the local shelter Tunica Humane Society will find Buddy a good family and a forever home.

Buddy has a wandering companion named Snoopy, who has also been sent to the shelter. The organization hopes that potential parents will adopt both of them so Buddy and Snoopy will never be separated and live in a forever home together.

Buddy’s best friend, Snoopy.

Images credits: © Tunica Humane Society


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