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A Corgi was Thrown Out of a Plane and into the Abyss During a Flight


People’s first impression when they read the title is, “How could someone be so cruel as to throw a Corgi out of a flying plane?” When they see the photos that follow, their hearts melt, and hope that the poor dog has survived the falls and is all right. If the owner wanted to abandon the corgi, then she should have just handed the dog to a shelter to find a new family rather than harming it. However, the owner said, “Do not let looks deceive you. Watch very carefully…”

Most netizens who viewed the video burst into laughter. It was not what it seemed. It turned out that the corgi was thrown into a patch of thick snow! The snow on the ground looked as though it was the abyss, with patches that looked like clouds in the sky. Our eyes can easily be deceived by this optical illusion that has since gone viral. As soon as the short video clip was shared, netizens reposted it on their social media to share the optical illusion with family and friends. Initially, netizens were frightened since the snow looked like the sky and the patches of snow looked like clouds. Everyone thought the corgi was about to be “murdered.” Some netizens enhanced the photo and added a plane on the snow to make it look realistic. 😆

Watch the video below to witness the optical illusion:

Credits to: Daily Mail/YouTube

Now that you know the story behind the illusion, who else fell for it?

Screenshot images credits: © UNILAD/Facebook Watch



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