A Huge Cockroach Caught in a Video Clip while Crawling Inside a Plane Window in China


A woman who identified herself as Ms. Guo took a flight from Ningbo, Zhejiang, to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, in China. During the flight, she was surprised to discover a huge cockroach in between the 2 window panes of the airplane. According to Ms. Guo, she did not intend to tell the flight attendants but caught the little critter on video.

“I didn’t expect it to still be there after flying 1,864 miles. But I couldn’t tell if it’s outside the window or in the window’s inner layer,” Ms. Guo said.

Ms. Guo claimed that she had been observing the cockroach’s movement during the trip while it was “wriggling around” the space in between the windowpanes. Apparently, she found it more interesting than the in-flight entertainment. Not bothering to tell any of the flight attendants, she filmed the cockroach during mid-flight.

However, the scene also attracted the attention of the passengers. Some thought it may be an interesting coincidence, while others worried that the critter may spread disease inside the plane. The airline stated that it will strengthen the management of aircraft hygiene to ensure the health and safety of passengers.

It was unknown how the cockroach entered in between the 2 windowpanes. A staff member said it’s likely that the cockroach crawled up from the aircraft’s cargo hold.

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The cockroach incident on this flight brought some surprises to the passengers. This is an unforgettable experience for both Ms. Guo and other people onboard, and it also gives people more understanding of the wonders of nature and how even the smallest of animals can wander into unexpected places.

Images and Video credits: @zhimaTV/YouTube Shorts


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