Dog Immediately Falls Asleep on Rescuer’s Lap After Being Saved


Animals know when they are being rescued. They feel safe and start to feel relaxed. The same goes for dogs. However, some rescues do not easily trust humans, especially when they have been used and abused for quite some time. Fortunately, rescuers from shelters have the patience to coax them until they start trusting people again.

Footage of a rescued dog went viral when she instantly fell asleep on her rescuer’s lap. Her reaction after being rescued was caught on video and was shared on social media. The female pooch spent most of her life inside a small kennel located in a shelter in Romania. Rescuers from Howl Of A Dog saved the dog, whom they named Bella, and were on their way to a veterinary clinic when the pooch fell asleep on her rescuer’s lap, feeling tired and exhausted.

Bella seemed to understand that she was rescued and instantly felt safe with them. Not caring for anything in the outside world, she was able to trust the staff who saved her and was so relieved. She finally had a good nap on the way to the vet in her rescuer’s arms. Bella felt confident.

Someone finally did open her kennel door after a lifetime of waiting. Bella is doing fine nowadays and has been receiving all the care she deserves to heal and regain her strength. Once she has completely recovered and her nursed back to health, she will be up for adoption. Watch her progress on her rescuer’s website:

Watch the video below of the sweet moment Bella fell asleep after being rescued:

Screenshot images credits: © Howl Of A Dog/YouTube


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