A Heartbroken Woman Notices a Cloud Formation Resembling Her Beloved Dog’s Face a Few Hours After She Passed


There is a saying that “Dogs are a man’s best friend”. They are considered a part of the family, and most owners call their furbabies their ‘kids’. However, a dog’s years are not as long as a human’s. Although we want them to stay for quite some time, their years go swiftly, and they age faster than we expected.

When their time comes, and they pass over the rainbow bridge, it is devastating to all dog owners. For the pooch, it is a special place for them to wait until their owner’s time comes and they can enter Heaven together. It is the sad truth. Even if we hope for the best for them, saying goodbye is never easy… and it is heartbreaking.

19-year-old Lucy Ledgeway from York, England, mourned the loss of her beloved Sunny, her 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. They have so many great memories together, and Lucy has shared all of them on social media, which garnered thousands of ‘Likes’. On a Saturday, during the wedding anniversary of Lucy’s parents, Sunny suffered a seizure. Her father rushed the pooch to the vet. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the clinic and passed away in his arms.

Heartbroken, Lucy took a drive along with her boyfriend to ease her mind from Sunny’s demise. When they passed a spot where Lucy and Sunny go for walks, what she saw on the clouds made them stop and step out of their vehicle. Up in the sky was a cloud formation resembling Sunny’s face.

“It was so weird. I was thinking to myself that I wanted to see Sunny in the sky as a sign that she was OK,” Lucy said. “After seeing Sunny in the sky, I felt a warmth. I was crying my eyes out, and I looked up in the sky and saw Sunny. I quickly took a photograph before the clouds moved and sent the picture to my mum, who also thought that the photo looked exactly like Sunny. It is crazy, really.”

Lucy burst out crying when she saw the cloud formation. However, she knew it was a way of Sunny telling her she was fine and settled in a better place. Somehow, Lucy felt relieved when she recognized Sunny’s face in the clouds.

Saying goodbye to pets we have grown to love is never easy. Owners have various ways of trying to heal from this devastating situation. Some may take weeks, and others, years. However, most of them believe that their beloved furbabies are waiting for their owners in a good place and will be reunited when the day comes.

Incidentally, scientists have a different perception of cloud formations. They claim that the human brain is equipped to recognize faces from birth, and others say that the human brain is capable of assigning random images to formations they see.

Images credits: © Lucy Ledgeway/SWNS


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