Rabbit in a Pellets Jar Did Not Seem to be Bothered Being Stuck Inside while He Continued Eating His Treats


In the wild or domesticated, rabbits are known to have an irrepressible appetite for food. A rabbit named Noodles, who lives with his human family in Italy, has a “very lively and active” character. For them, he is quite special. According to Francesca Iovane, Noodle’s mom, “He runs around the house all the time, jumps in the weirdest places, and he’s very destructive.” It’s understandable. Since Noodles loves to run around, he tends to bump into some things in the house. However, he had no clue that he would be stuck in a jar of pellets which caused panic in his family.

Francesca revealed that Noodles nibbles on just about everything it gets his nose on. “You think you put out of his range everything he could destroy, and then he finds something else,” Francesca said. “He just ate a piece from my boyfriend’s suitcase, and I still don’t know how to tell him.” Rabbits have a way of keeping themselves occupied at all times. They are unaware that they do damage at times while trying to look for food in inconspicuous places. No matter how their human family tries to prevent them, they have a way of succeeding in doing their will, causing the family to panic and feel hilarious at the same time. 😆

One day, Francesca’s dad was watching Noodles inside his room when she heard a commotion. As she stepped inside, she saw her father holding a jar with Noodles stuck inside.

“I looked at the jar, then at my dad, and we were just there, unable to realize what just happened,” Francesca said. “Then we started just to panic, like laugh and cry and scream all at once. Noodles was the most excited ever, just eating as much as he could while we had no idea what to do.”

Unknowing what to do next, they first recorded Noodles inside the jar and shared it on social media to ask if someone knew how to remove a rabbit inside the jar. Not willing to wait any longer, Francesca ran to her room and found a shoebox, hoping that Noodles would slip out of the jar and into the box together with the pellets without hurting him.

“I took the first shoebox I could get and threw the shoes on the ground,” Francesca said. “My mom saw me doing it, and she didn’t know what happened in the other room, so she just watched me, really confused. I screamed, ‘NO TIME TO EXPLAIN’, and ran again to my dad, who still had a jarred bunny in his hands.”

To watch the video, click HERE.

While Francesca and her dad were panicking, anxious to get Noodles out of the jar, the little guy continued to eat the pellets inside and not be bothered by being stuck inside.

“I took the jar and slowly inclined it, praying not to hurt my little one, but Noodles DIDN’T WANT TO COME OUT,” Francesca said. “Hundreds of pellets came out, but he tried to climb as hard as he could, but you can’t climb on the glass, so he just fell in the box full of pellets, just to keep eating.”

When Noodles finally came out of the jar, Francesca lifted him to check if he was doing okay. Fortunately, he was fine but seemed to be annoyed that he was separated from his favorite treats.

After the scary but hilarious incident, Francesca no longer placed pellets in a jar. However, this annoyed Noodles. The plan did not stop Noodles from stealing treats once in a while, even if it caused panic to his family. 😆

Images and Video credits: © Francesca Iovane


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