A Doraemon Made of Lego Blocks Took Days to Assemble and Only a Few Seconds to Destroy… by a Cat


A young man in Thailand who works in a toy store managed to assemble a figurine of Doraemon made of tiny Lego blocks. When it was done, he was ready to hand over the toy figurine to the customer. However, what he saw happened to the Doraemon statue after a few minutes left him in shock. Pieces of the Lego blocks were scattered on the floor, and the statue was ruined! The young man thought of only one culprit – the orange tabby cat roaming the store. Breaking down at the sight in front of him, he suddenly called out: “Please give me the recipe for cooking cats!”

The proud employee of the store was captured in a photo carrying a large assembled Doraemon made of Lego blocks. It may have taken him days to build, which turned out to be only a short time for the skilled builder. However, after only a few minutes, pieces of the blocks were on the floor, and a cat beside it was playing with the tiny Lego pieces. The Lego Doraemon was ruined by the cat!

The cat played innocent and looked at the young man who assembled the statue. 😆 “I don’t know anything! It hit me on its own!” The culprit seemed to be telling him.

The young man felt weak on his knees when he saw the ruined Doraemon. This scene is so heartbreaking, and seeing his hard work ruined on the floor made him really angry. Losing his temper, he yelled at the cat: “Do you know how long I’ve been making this??!! I will cook you! Does anyone recommend any dishes?”

After the photos were shared by the young man on his Facebook page, netizens sympathized with his plight but laughed at the photos with the tabby cat on the floor.

“Oh, I would go crazy if it happened to me!”

“But its expression is so cute, I can’t bear to scold something like that.”

“It looks super innocent.”

“You can only blame yourself for not putting things away from its reach.”

“Fortunately, it didn’t knock down something more valuable, such as a TV.”

“You can’t blame him because the master is always right.”

“It’s so cute, I surrender!”

Orange tabby cat: “Put me down! I really don’t know what happened!”

In the end, the young man could only comfort himself by looking at the photo when the Doraemon statue was still intact. Fortunately, not all the pieces fell apart. The other portions could still be reassembled. This time, keep the cat away. 😆

Images credits: © ภูมิมัย พรทอง (Phummai Pornthong)/Facebook



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