Cute Rescue Puppy has an Extra Tail on His Head and Has No Idea He is Special


Dogs are known to be “man’s best friend”, and they are made perfect for us. In 2019, a golden retriever named Narwhal was born, and is extra special. An extra tail was growing from his forehead, making him look like an adorable “unicorn” dog.

Along with another dog, Narwhal was found outside in the freezing cold weather. His foster mom, Rochelle Steffen, founder of Mac’s Mission in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, did not hesitate to take in the “special” puppy once she heard about him.

“We were tagged in a social media request for help because he was special and had been dumped,” Rochelle said. “All my friends and fellow rescuers know I love the hard cases.”

When Rochelle and Narwhal met, it was love at first sight for her. “I melted,” Rochelle said. “I literally smiled so big because he lights up the entire room with how happy he is. His butt tail never stops wagging — too bad his face tail doesn’t wag!”

A third of the size of his regular tail, Narwhal’s extra tail was deemed a rare birth defect. The x-rays showed it was made of skin and fur but not connected to anything inside his head or body. “It just kind of hangs down like a lock of hair like Superman,” Rochelle said.

However, Narwhal has a case of worms that can be treated with medicines. Aside from this, he is healthy. For the time being, Rochelle decided the extra tail won’t be removed. “At this point, there is no medical reason to remove it, and it does not bother him,” Rochelle said. “He has no idea he’s different.”

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Narwhal is currently living in Rochelle’s home and loves cuddles and gives kisses.

“He loves humans, and he loves to romp around with the other dogs,” Rochelle said. “He is very partial to the adult dog that we rescued him with, and another Chihuahua mix dog named Ash. They play in a big giant pile!”

Credits to: ABC 10 News/YouTube

A few months passed, and Narwhal’s mom started her search for a forever home for him. However, while he is still growing, Rochelle had to be sure that he lives his life to the fullest and does not let the extra tail get in his way of enjoying life. Right now, the magical unicorn puppy is happy with the foster family.

Images credits: © Mac’s Mission/Facebook


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