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A Police Office Rescues a Dog that Fell in Muddy Pond by Using a Kayak


A bubbly pup named Akela, a boxer mastiff mix, was having a great day out and about when she suddenly found herself in a muddle. Unaware of a fast-moving vehicle approaching, the poor dog almost got hit by the car while she was crossing. Akela was fortunate enough to make a narrow escape. However, she fell from the road and into a muddy pond below.

The pup tried to swim back to shore, but the muddy pond was keeping her from swimming to dry land. Feeling helpless on her own, Akela was left treading water, hoping that someone would come to her rescue.

Fortunately, help arrived fast. A local citizen witnessed the incident between Akela and her narrow escape from a passing vehicle and saw her fall into the muddy water. The concerned citizen called for help, and soon, officers from the Washington Township Police Department arrived at the scene.

The police officers saw Akela in the muddy pond and treading water, desperate to get to land. She was struggling to keep her head on the surface. She would dip her head and resurface, trying to swim to shore.

Officer John Kuligowski borrowed a kayak and jumped into action. He paddled to the struggling pup and tried multiple times to get her into the kayak. Failing to do so, he managed to get her unstuck and lead her back to dry land.

Akela felt happy and relieved when she returned to solid ground. Fortunately, she did not suffer any injuries from the encounter with a passing vehicle and the fall. The perky pup was up and about.

The police officers are now helping Akela find her family and return safely home.

Here is the video of when Officer Kuligowski rescuing Akela using a kayak:

Credits to: Daily Voice/YouTube

Netizens who viewed the video are happy and relieved that Akela is safe and with no injuries.

Images credits: © Washington Township Police Department/Facebook



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