Rescued Orphan Baby Elephant Reunites with the Man Who Raised Her, After 10 Years in the Wild


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescued an orphaned baby elephant abandoned in the wild in Kenya, Africa, nearly 20 years ago, and one of the foundation’s keepers, Benjamin, took the responsibility of taking care of the baby without any questions. He named her Sunyei, loved her, and took care of her like she was his child!

“He organizes the day-to-day care and welfare of the orphans, ultimately making sure they are always happy and healthy,” Rob Brandford, executive director of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, told The Dodo.

Benjamin is like Sunyei’s father, giving her meticulous care and full of love so that the baby elephant grew up healthy and happy. In 2009, the rescued baby elephant finally returned to its home in the wild. Although Sunyei has been away from the foundation for more than 10 years, it seems that it has never forgotten Benjamin, who raised her!

One day, the wild elephant came to visit the foundation. Unexpectedly, this was Sunyei who Benjamin had taken care of. It was quite unbelievable to see Sunyei remember the man who took good care of her. What is even more surprising is that she also took her own children this time “back to her father’s house”, which is really touching!

“While it might have been more than a decade since Sunyei chose to return to the wild, it seems she has never forgotten the kindness that was shown to her,” Brandford said.

After so many years, Sunyei still remembers the man who raised her. It can only be said that the elephant has a really good memory and knows how to be grateful. Finally, let’s watch this short video of a warm reunion between Sunyei and Benjamin!
Credits to: Sheldrick Wildlife @SheldrickTrust/Twitter

“Though Sunyei has grown up calling Benjamin and our keepers her family, even so, any interactions her keepers enjoy with her are always on her terms,” Bradford said. “That’s what makes this moment so very special … that she chose to share this moment with Benjamin and trusted him to do so.”

The foundation’s work of saving and raising Sunyei made that new generation possible. And she seems to know it.


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