Warning to Drivers: Be Careful While on the Road; Do Not Hit Any Plastic Bags as There May Be Live Animals in Them


It saddens a lot of people to see street animals that have to live on their own without anyone to take care of them. Yet, what is even sadder is when some animals are thrown away just like everyday trash. Some of them are abandoned in places unfamiliar to the animals and left on their own.

Someone came across some kittens in a plastic bag that was thrown on the side of a road.

Imagine a living animal ‘wrapped’ in plastic and left in such a dangerous situation, definitely making the kittens very uncomfortable and scared. Even worse, they can get hit by a vehicle that doesn’t know there are living animals in them. Some reckless drivers may just run over some piece of plastic bag on the road, thinking it is just nothing.

The incident has received a lot of attention when an NGO, Frida’s Foundation uploaded some pictures of the incident on their Facebook page.

Frida’s Foundation

Finally, after reading this, if you are driving or maybe riding a motorcycle please do not hit or run over any plastic bags on the road because you don’t know if there may be live animals in them.


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