Firefighters Hose Down Hundreds of Pigs to Prevent Them from Heatstroke on a Day of Heatwave


Summer has been very hot in China. Many people have suffered severe heat stroke caused by the heat wave. Unfortunately, even the animals are suffering due to the extreme heat. Not long ago, a driver transporting hundreds of pigs noticed the hogs were on the verge of suffering from heat stroke. He called 119 for assistance and asked firefighters to help save the pigs.

The incident happened in Dezhou, Shandong Province, China. 2 trucks were transporting pigs from Inner Mongolia to Zhejiang, but the drivers noticed that the weather was too hot. The pigs were being affected by the ongoing heat wave. If they drive non-stop, the hogs may suffer heatstroke and eventually die. The driver then asked for help from the fire brigade.

The Jiangsu Fire Brigade sent a water truck to a service area on Tianmuhu Expressway in Liyang, Changzhou, where the truck stopped. The firefighters noticed that most of the pigs have collapsed and were dehydrated. Unfortunately, some of the pigs have died due to the heat. Wasting no time, the firefighters turned on their hoses and sprayed water on the pigs for about 40 minutes to cool them down. Most of them felt relieved after the shower.

When the video was shared online, several netizens reacted to the footage and wrote comments regarding the incident:

“The pigs are feeling too hot.”

“The pigs can’t handle the heat this day.”

“The best bath they had so far.”

“Thank you for your hard work, firefighters.”

“The pigs feel really hot. If they were not rescued in time, they will be braised pork or roast suckling pig.”

Since summer began, all cities in China have been marked with historically high temperatures due to the heat wave. Many long-distance trucks transporting livestock, such as live chickens, ducks, geese, and pigs, are feeling the difficulty during daytime. These 150 pigs suffered heat stroke due to the hot weather. If the driver was not able to ask for assistance in time, the pigs would have died from the heat and the loss will reach US$41,916.80 (about CN¥300,000).

Watch the video below to witness how the pigs were relieved after being hosed down by the firefighters:

According to local media in China, July 12 had the highest temperature at 31 national weather stations in Jiangsu, which had a similar incident in mid-July of 1961. At 10:30 in the morning in Suzhou, the thermometer burst, indicating that the ground temperature had exceeded 60°C. Someone who experimented with eggs cracked an egg and dropped it on the road. In just a few minutes, the surface of the egg was air-dried, and the surface of the yolk also appeared thick. Thick crusts have formed around the yolk, proving how high the temperature is on that day.

Screenshot images credits: © D Video/YouTube


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