A Senior Dog was Given a McDonald’s Meal on His Last Day as the Family Bids Him a Tearful Farewell


The life span of a furbaby is short. They are considered senior dogs when they reach 11 to 12 years old. As a pet owner, spend some time with your furbaby as much as possible and give them all the love and care that they deserve. Ellie Buckler from Blackpool, England, raised a Sharpei dog named Baxter. The senior dog had walking and breathing difficulties, so Ellie decided to end his suffering and chose to give him peace of mind. She gave him the best time on his last day.

“He was 12 years old. He had started to really struggle with walking and struggled to breathe too,” Ellie said in her TikTok video, which had 11 million views. “He was on lots of painkillers, and it wasn’t fair to watch him suffer anymore. It would have been selfish of us to let him carry on in that state. He had never eaten a McDs (McDonald’s) or choc before. The past few months he’s only been able to have dry food, so we thought we’d let him have all the nice things.”

Ellie could no longer bear to see her beloved Baxter suffer from his illness, so she chose euthanasia. Just a few hours into his last day, Ellie prepared a McDonald’s breakfast meal, a packet of ham, and a few pieces of chocolates to share with Baxter for him to enjoy.

After a lovely McDonald’s meal, Ellie and Baxter took a slow walk to a shop to buy a packet of ham, which they shared when they got back home. The emotional moments were filled with hugs and cuddles from Ellie and her family. Their other dog also curled up beside Baxter.

“Choosing euthanasia is definitely the hardest decision of our lives but the kindest thing to do,” Ellie reluctantly said. Baxter was given a few bites of chocolate and a sip of tea before the family said their goodbyes. They gave him hugs and cuddles before Ellie took Baxter for his final car ride.

When the emotional video was shared on TikTok, the post garnered an outpouring of support from netizens:

“It’s horrible when you lose your dog. When I think about mine now, I still have a tear in my eye. Hope you’re alright.”

“Wow, this broke my heart. I lost one of my pugs a week ago and still struggling now.”

“I’m dreading the day this happens to me. My dog is my world.”

▼ The video below is not for the faint of heart. Watch with caution.


Running in the big fields in the sky ❤️ love yoor forever baby boy 🌈 12 years wasnt long enough 😢 #dogslastday #fyp #bestfriend

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Screenshot images credits: © Ellie Buckler @elliebuckler/TikTok


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