Bus Driver in Buenos Aires Allows Stray Dogs Inside the Bus for a Free Ride During a Storm

Image credit: Bored Panda

On December 26, Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires was hit by a devastating thunderstorm which left the city flooded. During its heavy downpour, a certain bus driver took in 2 unusual passengers shivering from the rain for a free bus ride… stray dogs. This touching act of kindness towards animals has gone viral.

He carried the shivering doggies aboard a bus and offered them a free ride.

When he saw the two pooches shivering in the rain, the bus driver did not hesitate to take them inside the bus. He carried them aboard and gave the dogs a free ride. A passenger in the bus, Stella Maris San Martín, witnessed this and shared the kind gesture on Facebook.

“They were two very scared little dogs,” she told Minuto Uno. “He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own.”

Stray dogs are allowed inside the bus during a storm.

Evidence of the driver’s compassion did not stop on his human passengers.

Another photo taken aboard the bus was one of the stray dogs resting at his feet.

Even though pets are normally not allowed on the buses, the bus drivers’ authorities in Buenos Aires have praised his actions too, calling it a show of solidarity.

One of the stray dogs resting at the driver’s feet.

The driver’s identity is yet to be known, though up to this day he still continues with his daily route. However, it is also unclear if he picked up more stray dogs along the way or how the ride ended. The unnamed bus driver has been hailed a hero for his kind gesture.

On Facebook, a post describing his actions that day has been shared more than 10,000 times.


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