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Married Since 1975, Ron Howard and His Wife Cheryl Still Love to Go on Dates and Have Been Together for Almost 50 Years


When a couple falls in love during high school, most people consider it “Puppy Love” and say that the relationship won’t last. However, it is the time when people discover crushes and relationships, and most of them undergo the ‘getting to know you’ stage.

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Almost all students in high school are in their teens. Most of them assume that relationships built during high school quickly fade away since they are still very young and enigmatic. However, some couples would disagree since some of them fell in love during high school, married the same person, and grew old together. That is true love!

One of these couples is actor, director, filmmaker, and producer extraordinaire Ron Howard and his wife, Cheryl Alley.

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68-year-old Ron Howard has been in the showbiz industry for decades, and he has inspired people who dreamed of making it big in the entertainment business. He has multiple achievements and has won several awards, and the most amazing of all his victories is a woman he met in high school and would be spending forever with.

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Ron met his wife, Cheryl when he was only 16 years old. She was an 11th grader, just like him. They have been together since, and Cheryl has supported all of his ventures and has been behind him for the past 47 years.

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It was love at first sight! Ron and Cheryl may be young then, but they instantly knew that what they felt was true. They will never forget the moment they met when they were in high school, and they did not doubt that they immediately made a connection. They got to know each other more and got more acquainted. They went out on their first date in 1970.

Ron shared a photo of him and Cheryl on social media, hugging each other while they posed for a photo with a scenic view behind them. In the photos, you will notice that the couple is very much in love even after decades of being together. They have been married for 47 years.

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Ron and Cheryl have 4 children, and they still go out on dates. Nobody can stop this couple from having fun together and keeping their love alive through the memorable moments they build and share.

2 of their children are familiar to most moviegoers. They are Bryce Dallas and Paige Carlyle.

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Ron also shared a photo of them while having a wonderful afternoon walk in a tropical forest in Queensland. The couple is living proof that relationships that started in high school can last forever. From high school sweethearts to “couple goals”. Ron and Cheryl are clearly in love and very happy together, a couple with a marriage that will last forever.

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The happy couple is a perfect example that relationships do not rely on age. Handle it with care. If they can do it, other couples can do it, too. Ron and Cheryl’s marriage will truly last a lifetime.

Watch the video below to witness the happy marriage of the celebrity couple:

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