Superheroes with No Capes! Billionaire Couple Gave Away $1 Million for a Year to Help Fund Charities


Billionaires around the world vary. Some of them are famous, and some are not well-known. However, they have some things in common. While they take their time figuring out how to maintain their lives of affluence and increase their assets, they sometimes boast of their wealth on social media and flaunt their latest extravagant purchases.

However, not all billionaires are the same.

Around the world, some multibillionaires donate millions of dollars to various charities to ensure the wellness of people in need and to change their lives for the better.

Billionaire couple Rob and Karen Hale have consistently been giving millions of money to charities for the past 52 weeks. They have a history of donating to charities. However, lately, they have been focusing on providing funding for smaller charities since Rob and Karen knew that they needed it the most.

Robe Hale is a co-owner of the Boston Celtics, as well as a co-founder and president of Granite Telecommunications. Forbes magazine estimated his net worth to be $5 billion. Rob and Karen consider themselves very fortunate since they have more savings than they could spend due to the success of the companies they have invested in. They decided to pay it forward.

Their community has gained much from the couple’s charitable donations, and they are all in favor of sharing the good news and share the blessings received. Rob and Karen have donated $28.5 million to 29 nonprofit organizations as of late last year, charities that engage in environmental activities, and people with grave illnesses.

However, the charitable couple did not stop there.

The Hales not only donated to nearby charities but to groups working on shelter concerns in the Dominican Republic, as well. They also provided to charities aiming to provide access for Boston children interested in participating in volunteer projects. The couple was aware that smaller organizations with worthwhile causes and initiatives are worth donating to since they struggle for support and to raise money. Rob and Karen are unstoppable!

The couple continues to make contributions to these charities to ensure they continue to operate through the years. Non-profit organizations can produce income annually, which they can use for essential purposes.

An organization that focuses on aiding cancer patients, The Joe Andruzzi Foundation, and the South Shore Stars, another organization that offers high-quality early education and youth development programs for the communities of south Boston, are 2 of the non-profit charities that are supported with donations made by multi-millionaires like the Hales, who also support hospitals around the area.

Rob and Karen have donated millions of dollars to various Boston hospitals and organizations, such as Domestic Violence Ended (DOVE), which will benefit the victims and survivors. Their donation may also help construct a new building for the DOVE organization. The Ron Burton Training Village, managed by Steve and Paul Burton of WBZ-TV, is also one of the organizations that benefited from donations made by the affluent couple.

It’s fascinating to learn that there are other wealthy people making donations to charities in addition to the Hales. Some of them have excess funds that they donate to make these organizations continue to operate for more years to come. Billionaires and business tycoons, such as Rob Hale, Warren Buffett, and MacKenzie Scott, are among the active wealthy people who often make donations.

The survival of these small but important organizations is guaranteed due to the continuous financial support that the Hales provide. They can also be ensured financial security during these unstable times. Good job!

Watch the video below to know more about the Hales’ heroic story:

Screenshot images credits: © CBS Boston/YouTube


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