A Photographer Has Captured a Puppy’s Cry of Anguish Thinking No One Will Ad0pt Her

Image credit: Zoorprendente!

Countless abandoned dogs are in danger of being slaughtered any time in shelters and kennels around the world. The feeling of being abandoned, and assuming certain death anytime is the fate that scares most of these innocent creatures. Nearly 4 million dogs enter shelters each year, and about 1.2 million dogs are slaughtered.

Nearly 4 million dogs enter shelters each year and about 1.2 million dogs are slaughtered. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

A dog’s cry is something that distresses us all and breaks our hearts. There’s nothing worse than hearing a puppy cry, and we don’t know how to help them. Whether out of fear, anguish, loneliness, or manipulation, it is important to know why a hound cries so that we can act accordingly.

Dogs usually express their sadness by making sounds or squeals that we understand as crying. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

It was then that the High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) in New Mexico, USA, an organization that visits shelters to photograph dogs that need to be adopted or rescued, discovered the heartbreaking scene. They have many years of experience in the plight of unwanted stray and rescue dogs. Their job is to photograph these shelter animals to give them greater chances and visibility on social media and thus more easily find them a foster home.

Millions of dogs are waiting to be rescued. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

This strategy has allowed many pets to have a new, more dignified, and safe life in the hands of people willing to give them all the affection that until now had been denied them; but if the goal is not achieved the first time, this group of rescuers repeats the process as many times as necessary until at least one adoption request is obtained.

They were visiting the City of Portales shelter when they captured the most devastating photograph of the dog’s tragic expression by looking at the camera through the bars of her cage. A puppy who was in a serious state of malnutrition and plunged into deep depression was captured. The images are really touching, as they show the sad look of the little animal that seems to be desperately begging for a home to welcome it.

Her eyes showed his great sadness. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

It was precisely the cruel fate faced by a poor little dog who seemed to know exactly what might happen to her. After being abandoned in the shelter, tears were flowing down her face.

HPHS spread the image on Facebook without imagining the effect it would have.

As she lay clinging with her paws to the bars, with a sad, defeated expression on her face, she looked as if she had tears in her eyes. This definitely made her situation even more pitiful.

However, it was clarified that research has shown that dogs do not actually produce tears from sadness and that if liquid comes out of their eyes, it probably means something is physically wrong with it.

But still, even if this adorable little dog wasn’t really crying, the expression on her face was so clear, she was crying out for help, and urgent help. Without any doubts, we could be assured that the puppy saw clearly that its end was coming, and resisted to die without first experiencing the love of a family.

Luckily, her image managed to touch millions of hearts. And within hours of her photo being published, she was adopted after the shelter phone was bombarded with multiple calls and people endlessly asked about her.

From here the adoption applications began to pour in and a selection process was generated in which a woman was chosen as the sweet dog’s new human mom, who pledged to give her love forever so that she would never have that sad look on her face again.

The association has updated its photo announcing that it was adopted. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

“I am willing to take care of her and love her for the rest of her days,” said the new human mom.

Adoption is an alternative that benefits everyone when it comes to acquiring a new pet: the family, animal protection shelters, and, of course, the dog or cat itself.

It is wonderful to know that this dog deserving of all the love in the world will no longer have the sad look on her face and will now have a safe place to call home. This beautiful little dog no longer cries behind bars of a shelter. She has a home, an adoptive mother, and her eyes show joy and not sadness. It’s great to think that she no longer has to suffer the trauma of hearing mysterious steps approaching, to take her to death row. The next steps will be from her human parents, to take her for a walk, to give her a good bath, or just to caress her and kiss her. Isn’t this the greatest news!

The puppy is finally in the arms of her human mother. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

Share this story and remember to promote pet adoption. Keep in mind the fact that when not adopted, the dog or cat is doomed to spend the rest of their days in a shelter or, in many cases, be sacrificed. It’s worth changing your life, and theirs, as they have a lot of love to give! #AdoptNotShop


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