His Kindergarten Teacher Asked Him to Bring a Fish To Class So the Boy Showed Up with an Unexpectedly Hilarious Idea


Recently, a hilarious photo taken in a kindergarten in China has gone viral on social medias. A kindergarten teacher assigned her students to bring a fish to the class. One young boy (or his father) showed up with an amusing yet creative idea.

In the photo, a group of children are seen sitting around a table with their assignments.

While other kids brought gold fish in cute aquarium, a young boy is seen sitting in front of a stainless steel basin containing a huge fish (dead apparently)!

The photo which has gone viral on social medias was taken in a kindergarten in Zhejiang Province, China. The teacher who took the photo uploaded it on her social media with a caption, “Teacher asked me to bring a fish to school. Mom, why does my fish look different than my friends?”

An interview with the boy’s father revealed that the funny incident was due to a misunderstanding. The boy told him that his teacher asked the boy to bring a fish to class and he told him any fish would do.

Since the father had just returned from a fishing trip, the father gave the boy the fish he caught on the trip.

The hilarious photo made rounds on the Internet and became an instant hit especially among parents.

Some creative netizens even photoshopped the fish and changed it into delicious meals like sashimi and sweet & sour fish.

Now, that is even better! The boy can enjoy the delicious fish dish and share it with his friends and teacher.

We are sure that the fish brought more fun and laughter to their class activity. Plus, the teacher could use the fish to teach them about the diverse range of fish species. Looks like the father’s idea is not bad after all!


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