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73yo Fashion Icon Never Restricted Her Age to Wear Trendy Clothes, and Netizens are Flocking to Her Instagram Account


Aging is inevitable. Most people retire at the age of 60 when they are considered at the senior stage of their lives. Some of them stay at home while their family tends to them, and some live in hospices when their family is unavailable. However, a 73-year-old woman defies her advanced age by wearing trendy clothes and sharing them on her social media account. She also insisted on not dyeing her gray hair.

As of late, the trendy grandma has 103K+ followers on Instagram. Additionally, she shares photos of herself wearing the latest trends that some young people say they envy her.

73-year-old Asami Naito from Japan never hides a trace of white hair or any wrinkles on her face, so with her age. Instead, she wears trendy outfits like a fashion model. Asami believes that there is no age limit to pursuing beauty and fashion. Since aging is inevitable, we should accept it generously and face reality. At the same time, she upholds good living habits and an optimistic attitude that makes her live and look younger. She exudes a great and confident aura!

Looking at Asami’s photos, anyone will believe that she is a woman who loves life and enjoys fashionable clothes. She chooses more basic styles such as white suits, denim flared pants, and white T-shirts, among others, which can be combined with other fashionable clothing. Asami has no qualms about wearing clothes that accent her figure and leaves behind the ‘grandma’ clothes. She admits to wearing girdles that outline the waist and also wears embroidery, lace, and similar elements to highlight the waist style design. She also makes use of accessories to go with her fashion.

On her social media account, Asami shared her 4 unique dressing advice.

(1) Choose basic styles and bright colors. Pay attention to color-matching.

(2) Emphasize your waistline.

(3) Wear shoes with pointed toes and soft soles to emphasize your choice of clothing.

(4) Know how to simplify complex combinations. Choose fashionable elements of clothing, then match the simple items.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.
View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Everybody should be aware that even at the age of 60 or 70, clothing can make you look younger. Live life to the fullest, even at an advanced age. Happiness is a choice. Always take good care, stay safe, and be happy to live longer.

Images credits: © ASAMI & saori @naito_saori/Instagram



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