This Influencer Shows Off Her 56yo Dad’s Handsome Figure, Six-Packs Abs and His Successful Background


When friends want to introduce you to their parents, do you picture them as a couple who are dressed conservatively? Or a young couple who are trendy? In this modern age, we see so many young couples with children and some elderly couples who still follow the latest styles of clothing and other accessories. The world evolves fast, with people and technology developing each day.

Believe it or not, there are still parents who like to stay in tip-top shape when it comes to their health and physical appearance. Exercise is good. It keeps you healthy and stronger and makes you live life longer. A rich and handsome father is introduced by an Internet celebrity from Thailand on her social media.

TikTok user @Meturr often shares her daily activities and beauty advice videos on her social media, which has garnered hundreds of followers. However, there are photos that she has shared that attracted so many comments and more followers… Her father.

The 20-year-old woman’s father is 56 years old and hits the gym very often to keep in shape. His workout routine has given him a well-toned body, strong arms, and six-pack abs that men envy. His handsome appearance and outstanding personality make everyone want to scream: “Daddy!”


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When her followers have seen the father’s handsome appearance, some of them left comments on her social media:

“Missing your new mother?”

“What the hell is your dad doing?”

“I want to wait…”

The young woman’s father is not only a fitness buff but is also a CEO at Realty One Development. He often gets invitations to do interviews on TV. Many people agree that he is tall, rich, and handsome onscreen!

Additionally, the young woman also shared photos of her father when he was still young. He depicts a model who frequented the fashion runways.

Apparently, the young woman also shared photos of her mother who is a mixed-race beauty with an elegant and noble personality. Her followers who viewed the photos agree that good genes run in the family.

Fortunately, the young woman responded to some questions in Thai on her social media. To answer some of their queries, here are some information about her father:

He has his own TikTok account under the username: @im_passavee.

On Facebook, he goes by the name of PassaVee Loputhai.

You may follow him by clicking on the links above.

Some followers thought that the young woman and her father were a couple but is mistaken. Her comment was answered by the young woman. Some of her fans thought about whether to envy her mother or the young woman herself.

Images credits: © meturr @meturr/TikTok


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