(Video) A Curious Orangutan in a Zoo Taps the Window to Look at a Couple’s Baby


All species in this world have maternal instincts. Every beginning of life came from a mother. They are compassionate and strive to do their best to protect their children. Mothers love to share pieces of advice and tend to the children of their friends while the other runs errands for the family.

In an enclosure in a Louisville Zoo in Kentucky, USA, lives 4 fully-grown orangutans. 1 of them is a 35-year-old mother orangutan named Amber. She especially loves seeing zoo visitors with babies. Recently, a mother visited the zoo and passed by the area for viewing the orangutans. Amber immediately saw the baby the mother was carrying and her heartwarming behavior touched everyone’s hearts.

According to Kayla Jaylen Natsis, Amber saw her carrying her baby Jordan and lightly tapped the window, pointing at the baby in her arms. She wished to have a closer look at Kayla’s baby. Kayla carried the baby closer to the window so Amber could have a look at 3-month-old Jordan. Satisfied with what she has seen, Amber showed appreciation by kissing the glass, a gesture meant for Jordan. The zoo visitors present at the orangutan viewing area gasped in amazement. Kayla said, “Everyone present, including ourselves, thought this was the cutest thing ever!”

This is not the first time Amber expressed her eagerness to see mothers bring their babies when they visit the zoo. Not long ago, TikTok user Shalena Hittle shared a video wherein Amber was pointing at a 2-week-old baby wearing a blue jumper. Shalena’s husband gently carried the baby close to the glass so Amber can see him up close. While viewing the baby, Amber pointed to the baby’s foot to be moved closer to the window. The lovely heartwarming scene touched the hearts of Shalena and her family.


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Credits to: Shalena Hittle @shalenahittle35/TikTok

The official website of the Louisville Zoo revealed that Amber was born on October 15, 1987, in St. Paul, Minnesota. She moved to the Louisville Zoo together with her companion named Teak. Since she arrived, Amber showed her true personality and was very lively and playful. Zoo personnel also stated that Amber often interacts with zoo visitors and, at times, would tap on the window to attract their attention. She would point to their belongings, such as shiny accessories, colorful nail polish, handbags, or backpacks. She is curious and wants to know what they carry inside their bags.

Screenshot images credits: @ABC7Chicago/YouTube Shorts


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