A 6yo Boy Crashes His Father’s Toyota Vios into a Lamppost while on Their Way to a Store to Buy a Toy Car


They wanted to go to a store and buy a toy car. That was what a 6-year-old boy said when he was asked by authorities why he crashed his father’s car, a Toyota Vios. On a May 9 evening, the little boy took his 3-year-old brother for a ride to go to a toy store. However, the car skidded and hit a lamppost in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Preliminary investigations claimed that the white Toyota Vios was driven by the 6-year-old boy alongside his younger brother without the knowledge of their parents. According to Langkawi District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Shariman Ashari, the parents of the 2 boys were at home in Kampung Padang Mengkuang.

“The car was driven by a six-year-old boy about 2.5 kilometers from his house with his younger brother, who was a passenger,” said Shariman Ashari in a statement. “They were going from Ulu Melaka to Nyior Chabang, and when they arrived at the scene the vehicle is believed to have skidded before hitting a lamppost near Titi Chanwang.”

Police assumed that the 2 boys sneaked out of their house holding the car keys while their father was asleep, and their mother was in the bathroom.

The video of the accident has gone viral on social media. In the clip, the 6-year-old boy seemed calm, standing beside authorities while the passersby came to help and asked him where his parents were. Repeatedly, the little boy said, “I wanted to go to the shop.”

The older brother, who was driving the car, suffered a small cut on his chin. However, his younger brother was uninjured. Not much luck with the car, though. The front left side area was damaged, including the bumper.

“The case is being investigated under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act 1987 and Section 31(1) (a) of the Children Act 2001,” said Shariman Ashari.

Meanwhile, the police were done taking the statements of the children’s parents, who arrived later at the police station. The parents, a young couple in their 20s, were called by Shariman Ashari to come to the Traffic Division of the Langkawi District Police Headquarters (IPD) to make their statements on May 10 at 2:00 PM.

Credits to: OH! MEDIA and Raja Bersiong/Twitter

“According to the child’s mother, before the incident, she was with her two children, aged 3 and 6, in the living room of the house,” Shariman Ashari said. “However, the mother of the two brothers went into the bathroom to take a shower, and as soon as she came out, she realized that her two children were not in the living room. After searching all over the house, she did not find her child, so the woman surprised her husband, who was sleeping in the room, and informed them that their child was missing. When her husband wanted to take the car keys hanging on the wall, he found that the keys were missing, and an inspection outside the house also found that the car was not in front of the house.”

According to Shariman Ashari, the authorities are still conducting further investigations and hopefully finalizing the statements of the 2 children on recording since they could not keep their stories straight due to being traumatized by the incident.

“His brother just said he pulled up and got on the chair and took the car keys hanging on the wall and then started the car and went to the store to buy a toy car,” explained Shariman Ashari.

The authorities also acquired a copy of the incident on video from the passersby who were at the scene. The video showed that the car skidded to the left and the right of the road before it crashed into the lamppost on Jalan Bukit Tangga.

Screenshots images credits: © OH! MEDIA @ohtweet/Twitter


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