A Brother and Sister Created Hilarious “Then and Now” Comparison Photos for Their Mother’s 70th Birthday


It feels nostalgic to look at old photos in family albums, especially at moments during reunions wherein you reminisce with family members. Photographs serve as a portal to remember our lives and what came to pass. Now, with the age of the internet trending around the world, families have been restoring old photos in digital form and recreating the same poses they did in the past in digital comparison collages. It has been the best way to reminisce about the good ole days!

2 years ago, during the height of the pandemic, Alice Moore, a mother, baker, artist, and stay-at-home mother, and her older brother decided to take a series of modern-day photos reliving the same pose they did in their childhood photos. For them, it was the best birthday gift they could give their mother who was then turning 70 years old.

A baby that the brother used to carry in his arms has grown into a full-grown woman. 😆

The floating baby head photo has become more modern. A perfect photo to be framed and situated in the living room.

The red carpet has never been replaced and is still in their living room. However, the playpen is more modern.

The rocking toucan and horse have been downsized! The brother has restored the same set of clothing from his younger days.

Big brother gave the baby a real giant biscuit while she sat in her stroller. However, in the modern photo, the giant biscuit was replaced with a cardboard cutout.

The photo was taken at Sears when they were younger for more formal backgrounds on their photos. They did it annually. However, the family no longer lives in the same place as before.

Baby sister used to sit on her brother’s lap when they would ride the swing. Now, Alice admits that it felt weird sitting on her brother’s lap for the photo on the swing now that they are both over 40 years old. 😆

Time may fly very fast, but for a close-knit family, nothing will ever be changed. Then-and-now photo collages are trending on the internet, and most of them are shared on social media pages. People are having a great time recreating these photos, and they hope to bring a smile to everybody’s faces. Have you made your own recreation photos yet?

Images credits: © LaterAliceMoore for BoredPanda


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