Lucky Father Catches His 3yo Daughter Washing the Dishes Upon Coming Home, and She Greets Him with a Heartwarming Smile


Recently, a netizen shared a heartwarming video on the internet that instantly went viral. The video clip shows a 3-year-old girl named Fei’er washing the dishes while standing on a chair. Her father comes home from the grocery and is surprised by what he witnessed. As soon as he entered the house, he asked what she was doing. With an innocent bright smile, she answered, “I’m washing the dishes!”

Li Yuanyuan, the girl’s father, praised her and said, “How amazing!” When she heard his praise, Fei’er looked at her father and smiled. ❤️

Li Yuanyuan is employed in the food delivery industry. He admits that since he started his job, he has been taking his daughter for a ride during his deliveries in the morning. When afternoon comes, he drops off his daughter to her mother, who sells pork in the market. Children are intelligent. Although they are not expressive through their actions at an early age, they, too, feel distressed when they see their parents stressed. Parents know that life is not easy. However, when they are with their children, and they are safe, everything brings meaning to their efforts.

Netizens left touching comments after watching the video clip on the internet:

“Come on, everyone’s journey is full of ups and downs but also accompanied by joy. As long as you feel it in your heart, every step is a kind of happy aftertaste.”

“From the first time I saw the baby in the delivery box until now, I have been silently paying attention to the healthy growth of the baby and hope she can always be happy.”

… and not so pleasant comment.

“God, why didn’t you give me a daughter like this? You gave me a bastard who doesn’t understand anything but Ultraman all day long.”

Having a cute, sensible, and well-behaved daughter is every parent’s dream. It is true. Raising children takes skills, and patience is a virtue. If you want them to grow up independent, train them early on. Only after the children have experienced the hardships of life can they independently establish the ability to deal with the world’s trials.

No matter what situation parents are in, it is common knowledge to know how to truly educate your children. Gather inspiration from having them, and train them on how to face the world appropriately when they are adults.

Images credits: Zhihu and Lemonlin


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