Optical Illusion Photo! A Father’s Picture of His Daughter Seemingly Stuck in Cement is Mind-Boggling and Has Gone Viral on Social Media


There are thousands of optical illusion photos circulating the internet, and most of them are difficult to solve. There are techniques on how to reveal the actual stories behind the photos’ illusion, and when an individual finally realizes the correct way of looking at the pictures, heated discussions among netizens arise.

(↓↓ The white-haired man is the commentator sitting in front of Kevin Durant, whose back is facing the camera and whose head is down and invisible from the shot.)

However, a photo shared by an American father on Reddit caused a commotion among netizens who shared it on various social media platforms. Most of them claimed that they have been staring at the photo for quite some time but still could not visualize it correctly.

The father took a photo of his daughter playing at a park and shared it on Reddit with the captions: “My daughter, where’s the rest of her?! Ohh, I see, do you?” At first glance at the photo, you will see a girl playing in a park whose half of her body seemingly stuck on a cemented ground, and only the upper half of her body is exposed to the camera. The girl seems oblivious that her photo has gone viral.

Many netizens left comments feeling confused, and some of them left hilarious reactions.

“I looked at it for a long time and still don’t get it!”

“Even if I zoom in, I still can’t see it!”

“The correct answer is that your daughter is a Pokémon gopher. 😆

Photo illusion is revealed: The little girl is standing beside a stone brick wall. The photo is taken by the girl’s father from higher ground. The dark blue area on the girl’s right side near her arm is her shadow. The left arm side of the girl is the concrete sidewalk where she is standing, a lower ground. The concrete walls are causing similar texture illusions, causing visual confusion. They seem to be integrated into one, causing the girl to be seemingly stuck in cement.

Many netizens who deciphered the illusion pointed out that the shadow of the girl gave away the answer. “If you zoom in, you will see part of the shadow of her head and shoulders were reflected on the low wall.” When a netizen colored the upper wall, the photo became clearer to some netizens who could not crack the illusion. Reactions such as, “I finally understand!” and “Ohh! There it is!” surfaced.

Fortunately, the editor is quick when solving illusions. How long did it take you to solve it?

Images credits: © MK24ever/Reddit

Dog and Basketball Player images credits: Pinterest


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