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A Flight Stewardess was FIRED when Her Fiancée Proposed to Her During a Flight, and Netizens Criticized the Airline for Unlawful Termination


A Hong Kong travel website called “Go Trip” reported that a flight attendant named Ms. Jiao was caught off-guard when her fiancée proposed marriage to her during a flight she was on duty.

Witnessed by the passengers onboard, the couple was greeted by their blessings and applause. Unexpectedly, the incident led to the sudden dismissal of the flight stewardess.

At the time, Ms. Jiao was on duty aboard China Eastern Airlines flight MU2329 from Xi’an, Shaanxi, to Sichuan.

Half an hour after the plane took off, the flight attendant’s fiancée suddenly appeared in front of her, knelt while holding a diamond ring, and proposed marriage to her. Ms. Jaio accepted and was in tears.

She hugged her fiancée, and all the passengers applauded and gave their blessings.

Through the in-flight broadcast, she thanked the passengers. “Actually, I really didn’t know that my boyfriend would propose to me on the flight. Thank you, all, for your testimony.”

However, when the plane landed, Ms. Jaio was summoned by her superiors to hear her explanation of the incident.

Later, she learned that she was immediately fired, with her superiors citing that her private life should not have interfered with her job and caused commotion among passengers. The incident was deemed “extremely irresponsible and unprofessional” on her part.

When the incident was shared on social media, it aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some were criticizing the airline, and some mentioned that Ms. Jiao no longer needed to work after her marriage.

“Since someone is already getting married, it doesn’t matter if you get fired. So just be a young wife,” one netizen commented.

The airline’s strict law enforcement prompted netizens to look down on them and was criticized to be inconsiderate. “The law is not a favor, and the airline is really ruthless. They fire people on the spot just because their loved ones proposed marriage.”




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