100 Delivery Men Take Turns Assisting a Disabled Woman with Her Food Orders for 3 Years, and Netizens are Grateful


Some time ago, a touching story about 100 food delivery men tending to a disabled woman’s food orders went viral on the internet. Netizens were moved by the story and were very grateful for the services of the young men. “Ordinary work can also make great contributions. It’s great to have kind-hearted people like you!”

In 2018, a post-95 generation millennial named Ye Yanghui came to Hangzhou from his hometown in Henan to work as a delivery man. Recently, he received an order for delivery, and when he reached the apartment, he realized the front door was open but found no one when he entered. When he called out, he heard someone respond: “Come in, please.” After hesitating for a moment, he entered a room from where the voice came from, and what he witnessed surprised him.

He saw a pallid woman sitting in bed and having difficulty moving around. He realized she may be disabled, and there were things cluttered around the vicinity of her bed.

Seeing that she was having difficulty taking the food she ordered, Ye Yanghui hurried over and helped her sit up. He set the portable table on the bed and set up her food order. The delivery man did not leave immediately. Instead, he said to the woman, whose name is Ji Xuying, “You eat first, and I will help you take the garbage away after eating.”

When Ye Yanghui came back to his company, he felt for Ji Xuying and wanted to help the disabled woman. He passed on the woman’s contact information to the workgroup and made them aware of her situation, hoping that the others will tend to her when they receive her order and delivered it to her home.

Ye Yanghui’s fellow delivery men were inspired by his concept, and a total of 100 volunteers joined the service.

Ji Xuying orders food daily. Whoever received it immediately turns off the order-taking software on their mobile phones and tend to the woman until she finished her meal for the day. When she is done, and the delivery crew finished cleaning up, then will they turn the order-taking app on again to take the orders from other customers.

The heartwarming gestures have been going on for more than 3 years, during which some of the crew left, and some joined. The relay of “TLC” for Ji Xuying never stopped.

“The delivery service crew are very caring, and no one asked to transfer the order after receiving the order from Ms. Ji Xuying, let alone reject it,” Webmaster Wang Zhihui said in an interview. “Young people nowadays are impulsive, but what I see in them are kindness and perseverance.”

Survey claims that in Ye Yanghui’s company, there are more than 100 workers, with an average age of not more than 25 years old. The delivery crew admits that they lose 2-3 orders when they tend to Ji Xuying’s orders. However, they have not received any complaints as of late.

The community became aware of the touching gesture the delivery staff has done for the disabled woman, so they wrote a special thank you letter and sent it through the delivery app.

Fortunately, the company rewarded bonuses to each of the selfless young crew members in recognition of their good deed to help the needy and disabled. Their heartwarming gestures bring convenience to people’s lives. Thanks to the kind-hearted delivery crew!

Images credits: © People CN


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