9yo Boy Started His Own Candle Business that Makes $64k Annually to Buy an Apple Watch His Mother Refused to Give Him


Many children experience wanting to buy an item that their parents refuse to give them for whatever reason. Most of these children do their best to reason with their parents, while some of them get angry and sulk. However, a young boy from Melbourne, Australia, Tadyn Flood, then 9 years old, had a different idea when his mother refused to buy him an item he eagerly wanted.

Tadyn wanted to own an Apple Watch. However, his parents did not agree to give in to his request. Feeling disappointed, Tadyn decided to earn his own money since then. When his mother, Jo-Ann Flood, assumed that her son was only saving money by doing housework. When she realized Tadyn’s plan, Jo-Ann became frightened by his actions.

Tadyn planned on a special “money-making method” and how to do it successfully. He started watching YouTube videos on how to make candles and prepared the contents he needed. He persevered and succeeded in making his first 6 candles. At first, he sold them to his grandmother for US$3.35 each and saved the money from his first sale.

With the money he received from his first sale, he invested more contents in making candles. Every Thursday, after doing his homework, Tadyn would go to the market to sell his handmade candles. The price of each candle would range from $6.75 to $10.15, and his weekly sales would have a total of $205.00!

A year passed, and Tadyn earned US$15,000. The amazing young boy was able to earn his own money using his free time after school. Lately, his parents go with him to the market to sell candles. However, they only watch from the sidelines since Tadyn does not want them to help him at all. Jo-Ann could not help but laugh when she said, “It may be easier to buy him an Apple Watch now, but we are all proud of him.”

Jo-Ann is happier that Tadyn’s mathematics skills have improved since he does calculations of the sales cost. “He finally knows how to use division!” Tadyn has plans of opening a physical store in the future and has done feasibility studies and analysis. He has become very business-minded!

Earning too much money at a young age makes Tadyn encounter some trouble. His school provided each student a “campus bank account”, in hopes that students would develop good habits of saving money from their allowances or otherwise. However, Tadyn has saved more than enough money that the school decided to refuse him to continue his deposits on campus grounds for safety reasons. It seems that Taryn has to decide how to deal with this large amount of money.

It is amazing for a young man to have his own business at such a young age. At 14 years old, he still has his candle business and provides jobs and money for homeless children. A brilliant idea by an incredible young man!

Images credits: © Tadyn Flood @candlebytf/Instagram


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