A Pilot Offered Big Help to a Student worker at IKEA and Reunites with Him After 14 Years


Everybody’s notion of a retired airline pilot is almost the same. Their former jobs had a good salary, they live extravagant lives, drive expensive branded cars, and wear fancy clothing. For them, this is ‘the wealthy life’. However, the life of luxury and branded materials do not mean so much for a man named Jesse Wang, known as “Wang Feng”, a former China Airlines pilot. He prefers to spend money to help stray dogs and help them find loving homes. He and his wife opened the “Li Fenghui Museum” in Yilan and Tainan to save more animals.

Fun Today News reports that Wang Feng is popular in the animal protection industry. He spends most of his money on saving the lives of animals. Although he has good financial status, he does not care about fancy clothes and only wears simple styles, drives a 20-year-old car, and asks his wife to cut or style his hair at home. However, the kind-hearted man’s gestures are not limited only to strays but also to a young man who was in need 14 years ago.

14 years ago, Wang Feng visited an IKEA store to buy furniture. He noticed a young man wearing the store’s uniform and moving back and forth between the displayed furniture. He knew immediately that the young man was a hardworking employee of the branch. Without hesitation, he approached the young employee and engaged in a conversation with him. The young man was 20 years old. His father’s business failed and was in debt. The young employee worked hard to pay his father’s debt and his school tuition. He goes to school during the day and works at night.

When Wang Feng learned of the young man’s dilemma, he felt distressed. When Wang Feng decided to go to IKEA that day, he was only shopping for some furniture. However, he wanted to add more points to the young man’s performance rate for the day. He bought a wardrobe, a bed set, and more furniture. Additionally, before he left the store, he took the initiative to hand over his business card to the young employee, encouraged him to persevere in his studies, and made him a promise: “If you need any assistance, call my cell phone anytime!”

14 years passed, and Wang Feng went shopping in one of the well-known stores one fateful day. Someone greeted him excitedly, and Wang Feng recognized the man as the young employee he helped at IKEA years before. He recognized Wang Feng immediately, even when he was wearing a face mask. During their conversation, Wang Feng felt relieved that his life progressed well. The young employee completed his studies, graduated, worked hard and got promoted, and has now become the director of a well-known store!

Wang Feng discovered that the young man’s girlfriend was also an animal protection enthusiast. She, same as Wang Feng, does not hesitate to spend money to help stray animals. She volunteers at the Xinwu Shelter, helping dogs get adopted and live in loving homes.

Wang Feng’s assistance to the young man 14 years ago was once again the topic of their conversation, which made him laugh. “I just went to IKEA that time to browse furniture at random for the house I bought, but I did not expect to have such a touching acquaintance,” he told the young man.

When Wang Feng shared their story on his Facebook page, netizens were moved and praised the former airline pilot.

“The kind-hearted man did good deeds and doesn’t want others to know. God commemorates your good deeds.”

“A young man who knows how to be grateful and take care of himself.”

“He was lucky to meet you. You let him concentrate on studying and work hard.”

Only a few people can accept prosperity but live in simplicity. Wang Feng’s selfless devotion and unreturned enthusiasm, even helping strangers he has just met, deserve everybody’s respect!

Images credits: © Jesse Wang/Facebook


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