A Law in Los Angeles Has Been Implemented That Prevents Animals in Shelters from Being Slaughtered


The animals that roam the streets anywhere in the world do not do so because that is the life they want and deserve, however, they are seen as a problem that makes many governments uncomfortable, deliberately avoiding their responsibilities. Instead of protecting them with good legislation, they sentence these animals to death.

In the city of Los Angeles, USA, the authorities excused themselves by saying that no one wanted these dogs, cats, and other domestic animals anymore, that shelters are all filled up, and that they had to “recover the spaces.” That’s why they are sacrificed, without further ado.

However, recently, we woke up smiling when we learned the happy news that, from now on, the lives of companion pets for adoption will be respected.

It is known that, in California City, only 56% of animals from different species that are collected by animal control organizations left these shelters alive.

Discarded as such, although it sounds cruel, they took their lives, that is the truth. Almost half of them are healthy, active, and are capable of providing love, which is what hurts us the most.

But, Providence wanted people to join in a campaign against animal abuse, which became the activist movement NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles), a unity of people that began to raise their voices to end this dissociated practice of all reason.

Fortunately, it was on March 10 when the pro-animal association Best Friend Animal Society spoke in a statement, assuring that, for the first time, in the sunny city of Los Angeles, unnecessary euthanasia would be completely prohibited for animals.

“A 90% rate is the nationally recognized benchmark for being considered deathless, considering that ‎‎approximately 10% of pets entering shelters ‎‎have medical, or behavioral circumstances, that justify humanitarian euthanasia rather than killing for lack of space,” said a Best Friends Animal Society spokesman.‎

But, this was not achieved by divine miracle, but thanks to the participation of more than 150 active members, who, hand in hand with any other resident is interested in starting the project of adopting to love a feline or a canine, can do so.

“Everyone’s collaboration is key when saving animals, the‎‎ intention is not to crowd shelters,‎‎ so that space is not a problem,” a spokesperson from the Best Friends Animal Society added.‎

They, our voiceless best friends, do not need it to show us the joy they represent. Every time one of them finds a home, each of them fills their homes with joy with their grateful presence.

That is why our mission as human beings is to love them and respect their lives, their integrity, and their health.

Animals are the source of the purest unconditional love, our best company, and a guarantee of all loyalty. Share this story full of good news with your friends.

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