Twin sisters abandoned and raised by different families worlds apart—this is their story


In 2004, in rural Changsha, China, twin babies were found in an abandoned box. They were later adopted by two different families at both ends of the world.

One day in 2004 at a rural village in Changsha, China, a mysterious box was found. They could hear the weak cries of babies coming from the box. When they opened the box they found two babies lying inside it. Quickly, the two babies were sent to a local orphanage for adoption. Luckily for them, they were adopted by two different families; one from Norway and the other from the United States.

The two families did not know that the babies they were going to adopt were actually twins

It was fate that brought them together. The two couples came to the China Welfare Institute on the same day without knowing each other and went through all the procedures. It was this encounter that made everything happened.

The families both bought red dresses for their newly adopted daughters

On the last day before leaving China back to their respective countries, the Hauglum couple from Norway dressed their daughter with a red dress that they brought over from Norway. The Hansen couple from California, USA happened to have bought a red dress from the market near the orphanage and dressed their baby in red as well.

Just as the two families holding their beloved daughters were about to leave the orphanage, they bumped into each other

The two mothers gazed at each other and were left speechless after looking at each other’s child. Both of their babies were wearing the same red dress. The red dresses brought the two families together and they talked about their intentions in China. They were shocked to find out that both their children had the same birthday!

Feeling shocked about the coincidences, they closely observed their babies and discovered that the girls had similar looks and features. They thought: “These must be twin sisters!” However, when they queried the welfare home about their babies, they firmly denied that these babies were not twins. Under these circumstances, the two couples had no other methods of finding out the truth.

They decided to leave their contacts with each other and return to their respective countries

Thus, the twin sisters that were found in the same box were separated. The two of them lived at the opposite ends of the earth, waiting for them are two different lifestyles.

The girl who went to Norway was named Alexandra Hauglum and lived in a small town called Fresvik. It is a small town of 200 inhabitants. It is a faraway, remote, and sparsely populated town. At the same time, the secluded town was located near the sea and has a magnificent rural scenery.

She grew up in a small town with nature all around her

Alexandra grew up with nature, she was accustomed to the country lifestyle. She loved mother nature, the mountains, rivers, birds and sheep. The roof of her house was actually a skiing facility.

Behind her house was a place to walk horses

Mingling closely with sheep

During the daytime, Alexandra would get ready for school. She could be seen walking alone to school. Alexandra, who grew up alone, did not have many friends. Once, she rescued a little wild rat, it became her little playmate. She made a nest inside a box and put the rat inside. Their game was a simulation of a happy family and they enjoyed the game enthusiastically. Most of the time, Alexandra would stay with her family.

If her hands were covered in poop, hay was used to wipe it off

Enjoying a picnic with her father

When Christmas is around the corner, Alexandra and her family would search in the hills for a fir tree to prune then cut it down 

On the other side of the world, the other twin who was brought to Los Angeles was named Mia Hansen. She lives in Sacramento, the capital of California.

People here are always in a hurry. Life consists of perfume-filled shopping malls, restaurants with a long line of cars, sounds of engines pounding on the roads. Mia enjoyed hustle and bustle of the urban life.

Since childhood, Mia was an angel in the eyes of her parents. Mia’s adoptive father said in front of the camera: “I love her so much that I would not hesitate to take a bullet for her,”

Worried about the safety within US, Mia’s mother would send and pick Mia from school every day

From time to time they would have their dinner at lively restaurants and occasionally watch dances and theatrical performances. Mia’s life and hobbies are infused with the typical city life.

Mia always had a cheerful and lively smile. She learned to dance, play the violin and football.

Attending dance classes

The girls’ football team that was organized by the community

Lively family gathering in a restaurant

Although both girls grew up on the opposite ends of the earth, the two lucky girls always knew that on the other side of the planet lived another part of them.

It turned out that as early as the first month after the two families returned from China, the Norwegian mother contacted the American mother and suggested that a DNA testing be conducted to determine if the two children were twin sisters. After saliva samples were taken, the DNA results confirmed that the two girls were in fact identical twins.

Since then, the two parents told the girls of the existence of their sister on the other side of the world.

The two little girls would say ‘Happy Birthday’ to each other on the same day each year

When they were older, the two began to communicate through letters. Through letters they understood each other’s lifestyles. Alexandra who could only speak Nynorsk would use simple English words like: I love you and send Mia a post card.

The parents of both girls noticed their daughter’s longing for each other and decided to allow them to meet. They finally decided that during spring 2009 the sisters would meet in Norway.

Even from pictures it is hard to tell them apart

Come Spring 2009, the six year old twins to were reunited in Norway. Mia and her parents took more than 10 hours to reach Norway and finally they arrived at the beautiful scenic rural Norwegian town of Fresvik.

Although they lived in separate places for six years but the two girls were like mirrors. Both sisters were surprised to see that they grew up so much alike.

Since then, the two sisters truly understood each other

On their first meeting, they were overjoyed. While holding hands, they ran off the hillside. They had a snowball fight on top of the snow-capped mountains. They rode bicycles and laughed in the wind. They looked up at the clear skies of Northern Europe.

They took care of horses together, ran together on the grassy plains. Mia learnt to be an independent girl from Alexandra.

After playing for a day and when they returned home, Mia’s parents could only differentiate Mia through the ring that Mia wore on her finger.

Although they got along well, they still have a few little disagreement. Just like normal sisters they would argue over the same item that they want. But Alexandra said: “If I and Mia lived together, we would be the world’s closest sisters.”

Both sisters would hug each after meeting each other again

Both sisters grew up in different countries and regions. But their behavior were identical to each other. Their stubbornness and peculiarity are also the same. However, after spending a happy summer time together the sisters would have to separate again.

Goodbyes are always hard

When the two girls embraced each other for the last time, Mia cried and ran to the security check point leaving Alexandra crying behind her. The scene was like six years ago. The two baby girls who started out from China cried before going to their separate countries. One to Norway and the other to California.

After going on their separate ways Mia would go to California’s beach and write ‘I miss you’ on the sandy beach

As for Alexandra, she would stand on the cold shore of Northern Europe and look towards the sea quietly

As time goes by, both sisters would communicate through video calls. For the past few years, the two girls met each other for several more times in Norway and the United States.

In 2016, when they were 12 years old, Mia, for the first time traveled to Norway alone and lived with Alexandra

A documentary director who followed their story said that she will continue to follow them for the next 2-3 years. She is especially intrigued about the girls’ self-identity. “I sincerely hope that these two girls will live a happy and interesting lives. Let us look forward to their growth up together,” said the director.

The documentary director and the two girls

Watch the documentary to see this incredible story:


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