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A Japanese Artist Turns the Ordinary Stone into Lifelike Tiny Animals


“I want to paint life, the living spirit of the being that I feel is inside them.” This is the motto of Japanese artist Akie Nakata, who has the amazing skill of turning ordinary stones into life-like tiny animals. In fact, the finished product looks so real that you can be confused at first sight.

“For me, stones are not just simple materials or canvases to paint on. Throughout all those numerous ones that are in the edge of a lake, one, looking at me like an animal, catches me.”

Images of Nakata’s creations have circulated and gone viral on different social media platforms and have reached around the globe because of her amazing talent and skill, and the precision she manages in capturing anything she desires. For her, this is a very significant part of her life, and it has helped her to rediscover her inner self and nature.

“When I find a stone, I feel that it has found me too.”

Birman cat. Looks up at you as if it is curious.
Bengal tiger resting on a rock.
Surprised owl staring back at you.

“They have their own intentions, and I consider the encounters I have with them as a sign they give me to say it’s okay for me to go and paint what I see in them.”

Tiny mouse may run around your house.
White owl ready to send a message anywhere in the world.
Cunning beaver waiting for your cuddles.
A raccoon resting before it goes back into the wild.

“I paint the eyes at the end, and I consider my work only complete when I see that the eyes are now alive and looking back at me, directly at me.”

A tiny sea lion basking under the sun.
Who wants hamsters for a pet?
A resting cat ready to prowl at night.

“Completing a work for me is not about how much detail I draw, but whether I feel the life in the stone.”

If you want to see more of Ms. Akie Nakata’s work, click on this link to go to her Facebook page.

More on Instagram, just click this link.

There are so many hobbies that we can choose from, but this is simply amazing. It takes talent and skills, and apparently, a steady hand, to carve such unique designs into stone art.



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