A 54-year-old Grandmother has Youthful Features, and She Looks Like Her Husband’s Daughter


People eventually age physically, though there are so many citizens who use products to stop aging or use technology such as cosmetic surgery to look young. It is not surprising nowadays that skin and health care products sell like donuts everywhere around the world. However, it is also rare to see a woman whose husband looks like her father. Her features reveal as though her age has frozen in time.

Puspa Dewi, an entrepreneur from Indonesia, looks like a model who has stopped aging. At 54-years-old, she is a mother of 2 sons and has recently become a grandmother. With her youthful features, everyone becomes curious about what her secret for staying young is. Her age-defying appearance looks like she’s in her mid-20s.

Puspa Dewi’s skin is flawless, her body lean, her features lively and sweet, and her smile is infectious. People have mistaken her son to be her boyfriend, and a photo with her husband has been mistaken for a father-daughter photo op. Some also mentioned that a photo she took with her grandson looks like she is the mother. Her reaction was hilarious!

The couple looks like father and daughter.

Some netizens who have not seen her in person comment that she may have inherited her genes from her ancestors who acquired the same features. Puspa has uploaded old photos of her on Instagram when she was younger. She looked like a young mother when she had her firstborn son.

Puspa Dewi has not had any cosmetic surgeries done nor uses any age-defying products.

To maintain her youthful looks and perfect figure, Puspa works out in the gym and eats a vegetarian diet. Some malicious-minded individuals once said, “There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. No maintenance.”

Not much has changed in 23 years.

Citizens have paid much attention to Puspa’s age-defying method that she has shared on her social media. On Instagram alone, she has garnered 531,000 followers. She is a fast-rising internet celebrity.

It is simple. Her secret to staying young is mostly regular exercise and working out in the gym, a healthy vegetarian diet, regular skincare, and of course, happiness in life! Additionally, her son is also a fitness and nutrition expert, so Puspa is lucky to have a personal trainer at home who is also a family member.

Healthy vegetarian diet.
Sports exercise, too.
Regularly working out in the gym.

From the comparison photos that she has shared before and after 23 years, there has been minimal change in her physical features. It seems like she has not gained any unwanted fats through the years.

Cosmetics and skincare products can only maintain our skin from aging, while exercise can make our body strong, and a balanced diet can cleanse our internal vital organs. Our body systems need constant movement and secretions.

Images credits: Puspa Dewi/Instagram


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