Senior Ladies in Japan Live in Cozy and Beautiful Retirement Forest Houses Designed by a Famous Architect


Image credits: Takumi Ota

A forest in Japan looks like a place in a county as this is home to 2 retired senior ladies. In a forest located in Shizuoka Prefecture, which the locals call “French Riviera of Japan”, are small beige cottages owned by 2 retired senior women.

The homes of the 2 ladies were designed by the famous architect, Issei Suma, from Tokyo. The houses are called “Jikka”, and they are comprised of 5 small structures that look like huts and joined together to form a single home. The 2 retired residents previously worked as a social worker and a cook.

“I designed Jikka to be something as unembellished as a primitive hut and something as holy as a chapel,” Issei Suma said.

The house was finished in 2015 and the two lucky women moved in with hopes to help the elderly who lived within their community. They love to cook homemade meals and deliver them to their homes and welcome the public to their house for lunch every day from 12-4 PM.

A guest room in the house boasts of a nautilus-shaped bathtub that is wheelchair friendly for disabled individuals or elderly people who require nursing care. The west section of the house provides accommodations for some of their friends, including shared bedrooms, toilets and baths, and some storage space.

On the eastside, a bedroom with two beds for guests who stays for the day or overnight.

Whilst looking forward to retirement and the perks that come with it, maybe you too, would like to live in an enchanted house in the forest, away from the hustle and bustle of a congested city, and reside in a more serene ambiance? Sounds peaceful to everyone.

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